Frequently Asked Questions

Vaginal rejuvenation is non invasive, non surgical and is complete in 20 minutes. Our doctors have had patients saying that it is more comfortable than a paps smear and no complaints of pain have been made to date. Because of the gentle Petite Lady laser the treatment is easy, quick and comfortable.

Vaginal rejuvenation with Petite Lady is a non invasive procedure and similar to a pap smear consultation. First the process involves having a consultation with our expert medical doctors and the procedure will only go ahead if the medical expert deems it appropriate.

The process involves the gentle insertion of a speculum like medical device to separate the walls of the vagina. Then over a course of 20 minutes a micro focused therapy will take place on the vaginal wall with a gentle state of the art laser.

At the end of the treatment you will be able to walk out and commence your normal daily activities without any discomfort.

The only restriction we place is having a pap-smear & pregnancy test before and to abstain from sexual intercourse for 24 hours after the procedure.

If you have further questions then please take part in an obligation free consultation with our expert medical team.

Our expert team will decide the exact number of treatments depending on your medical condition and needs. It is important to remember that minimum 3-4 treatments are required in order to see the full effect of vaginal rejuvenation treatment. Our patients however are able to feel the difference from their treatment usually after the first treatment in itself. We require the patient to have a minimum waiting period of 2 weeks between treatments

No recovery period is required and you can enter back to your day to day activities the moment you leave the treatment room. Only requirement is that you avoid sexual intercourse for 24-48 hours.

This is a quick non surgical procedure lasting for 20 minutes.

Treatment is scheduled before or after your menstrual period. We have to ensure that you are not pregnant and have a normal pap smear result over the last 12 months.

In reality vaginal symptoms can also occur if a child has been delivered through a c-section. This is because hormones and the pressure of carrying a baby are the major contributing factors and have an equal effect on the vaginal wall, much like the delivery of a baby through the vagina.

Nothing could be far from the truth. In fact we are finding that Kegel Excercises are having a limited effect on strengthening pelvic muscles. Still they are recommended for the minimal effect they have when co-joined with vaginal rejuvenation, as there has been an improvement in urinary incontinence and vaginal tightness reported.

Feel safe. Be treated by experts.

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