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Does it seem like you have vaginal looseness?

Or do you perhaps feel like you have lost your sensuality in bed?

Indeed, these are the top two complaints that most intimate care clinics receive from women, especially as they reach their mid-forties. These complaints are rooted in many factors including the inevitable process of ageing, childbirth or certain medical conditions.

Although these vaginal conditions are typically common to more grown women, they can also happen to the younger generation. In most instances, their sensuality or vitality is gradually deteriorating that many women tend to ignore or neglect the changes that are happening in their bodies.

For some, these changes tend to affect the quality of life as women become conscious about how they perform in bed which at times lead to low self-esteem. Thus, many patients are looking for ways to correct these vaginal conditions. One of the most prevalent laser-based treatments in this modern world is the FemiLift.

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    FemiLift Melbourne

    Walk In Walk Out In 20 Minutes

    Our laser procedure treatment takes only 20 minutes, and if you choose to do so, can happen right after your consultation. That means you’ll be able to walk in, have the treatment and walk out, all on the same day.

    FemiLift Melbourne

    Non Invasive & Gentle Treatment

    Our highly specialised equipment and cosmetic procedures ensures that the treatment is completely non-invasive and non-surgical, meaning you’ll feel comfortable the entire time. You’ll be able to walk out needing minimal recovery and little after-care.

    FemiLift Melbourne

    Enjoy Life More

    Give a fresh start to your sex life with vaginal tightening using Petite Lady’s non-invasive laser treatment in Melbourne. It revitalises the vaginal canal and vaginal tissues and increases the sensations during sexual contact, allowing you to enjoy life and do more. This Laser procedure also helps with incontinence issues

    8 out of 10 women experience enhanced sensations following only 2 laser treatments

    FemiLift Melbourne

    Can you tell me more about FemiLift?

    FemiLift is a revolutionary non-surgical laser-based treatment designed to tighten the vaginal walls for increased friction during sex which in turn boosts pleasure for both partners during sexual intimacy. This laser treatment can also reverse vaginal atrophy and reduce dryness while enhancing moisture and lubrication in the vaginal tissues.

    FemiLift involves the use of a 3rd-generation fractionated CO2 laser pixel technology. The laser device consists of a tube-shaped probe that offers a fifteen-minute pain-free procedure.

    In November of 2013, this laser device has obtained permission and endorsement from the Food and Drug Administration or FDA. FemiLift is categorized as innovative FDA-approved laser treatment for vaginal resurfacing.

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    FemiLift Melbourne

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does FemiLift laser work?

    The human body consists of collagen that helps the bones sustain their structure, the joints retain their integrity, and the skin maintain its suppleness. Just like any other part of the body, the vaginal tissues consist of collagen that keeps its structures firm, strong and flexible.

    When women age, their vaginal health would seem to be in keeping with them. Vaginal tissues also lose their strength, elasticity, and moisture. Thus, making patients feel that their vagina is loosened but the truth is that, their vaginal muscles only weakened as time passes.

    Fortunately, with the advent of laser cosmetic technology, non-invasive laser vaginal treatments offer the women of today the many benefits of getting vaginal rejuvenation. FemiLift uses a laser device that helps boost the level of collagen in the vaginal tissues.

    FemiLift works by utilizing a CO2 fractional laser system that generates heat to gently address vaginal issues. The laser device delivers safe pulses through an intra-vaginal probe which in turn generates laser beams. These would then produce heat in a grid of less than half a millimetre apart with about 0.6 millimetres depth. As the laser device heats up the tissues, the collagen beneath the dermis is induced to reproduce.

    The functionality of FemiLift also includes a 360° symmetrical micro-contracture that works to tighten the entire vaginal walls while improving the skin’s laxity. This also aids in strengthening the support for the base of your bladder.

    What vaginal health issues can FemiLift treat?

    FemiLift is a non-surgical approach to a wide range of intimate issues in women including the following:

    Vaginal Rejuvenation

    Women who do not feel comfortable with their intimate parts post-delivery or during and after menopause are continuously finding ways to revive the lost vitality and sensuality in them. Vaginal rejuvenation through FemiLift can help patients achieve the aesthetic and functional rejuvenation of their intimate parts without the need for plastic surgery.

    Vaginal Atrophy

    This condition involves the thinning of the vaginal wall lining, as well as the drying and swelling of the vaginal wall muscles. This can lead to pain and discomfort during sex or make them unable to perform sensually in bed.

    The use of FemiLift for patients with vaginal atrophy can help thicken the vaginal wall lining while reducing inflammation and inducing collagen supply. With this lase treatment, women can return to normal while enhancing sexual gratification in bed.

    Vaginal Tightening

    When a woman feels like their vagina has loosened because of childbirth or rigorous sexual activities, they seek cosmetic interventions that implore vaginal tightening. However, it is noteworthy that vaginas do not loosen up, instead, the vaginal muscles are weakened. Thus, the feeling of looseness because the loss of strength means losing grip.

    Vaginal Tightening with FemiLift involves the use of heat energy directed to the vaginal walls to induce muscle strength. It also helps reshape the labia making it firmer while creating a youthful feel, especially during intercourse.

    Vaginal Dryness

    This vaginal issue is similar to vaginal atrophy but dryness involves the entire vaginal structure including the labia. The drying of the vagina can cause irritation, itching and infection in the vagina when neglected or not treated for a long time.

    The use of FemiLift laser treatment helps alleviate the pain and discomfort brought about by vaginal dryness. The heat energy emitted by the laser devices induces better blood circulation and stimulating the production of collagen in the vaginal area.

    When this happens, the vaginal structures will revive their moisture to eliminate signs and symptoms of vaginal aridity including any infection that may arise. In which case, the vaginal tissue will revive its vitality which will in turn increase intimate sensuality.

    Stress Urinary Incontinence

    This variety of incontinence happens when a patient leaks urine when they are coughing, sneezing or laughing. In some cases, stress urinary incontinence occurs when a patient is engaged in heavy lifting, bending and other strenuous activities. And in rare but embarrassing instances, urine leakage happens during sex.

    FemiLift laser treatments are tailored to address issues of the vagina, bladder and other urinary structures of the body. The use of CO2 laser technology helps revitalize the pelvic floor muscles and the urinary sphincter to have better control of urine leakage in stress urinary incontinence.

    This laser treatment can also be used to treat other types of urinary incontinence while helping improve women’s quality of life, health and overall wellbeing. By combating the signs and symptoms of urinary incontinence, patients can be more confident and comfortable about themselves socially, mentally, emotionally, and intimately.

    What benefits can I get from a FemiLift laser procedure?

    FemiLift vaginal rejuvenation can help women revive their intimate vitality without the need for surgical procedures.

    In general, a patient can benefit from a FemiLift non-invasive laser treatment as follows:

    • It can boost the self-esteem of women;
    • This treatment can help increase moisture and lubrication in the vagina;
    • It induces sexual satisfaction;
    • Treats urinary incontinence and other bladder issues;
    • It may reduce any recurrent infections like bacterial vaginosis;
    • Improved blood circulation and collagen production in the vaginal area;
    • Implores vaginal tightening; and
    • It combats certain medical conditions involving the reproductive and urinary systems.

    Aside from these amazing results, FemiLift Lasers also offer the following advantages over surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedures:

    • Time and cost-efficiency;
    • Minimal downtimes;
    • Quick recovery time;
    • Reliability without need for surgery;
    • Reduced risks of adverse side effects;
    • Safe and FDA-approved;
    • Performed in a FemiLift-accredited clinical office;
    • Non-surgical and pain-free; and
    • Can be administered to female patients of any age.

    FemiLift laser treatments are ideal in the following considerations:


    During pregnancy, women undergo hormonal fluctuations that cause major changes in their bodies, including their skin, pelvic area, vagina, and urinary system. Much of these changes become more evident post-delivery which can greatly affect their confidence and sexual drive. In some cases, this may result in post-partum disorders.

    The tightening technique of FemiLift lasers helps address these issues by alleviating vaginal skin laxity, strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, and aesthetically enhancing the labia and other vaginal tissues. In some cases, urinary incontinence may occur after giving birth but this can be treated with FemiLift lasers.

    Menopausal Phase

    Hormonal changes also happen during menopause including vaginal irritation, aridity and atrophy. During this phase in a woman’s life, the vaginal structures lose their moisture, hydration and lubrication which may lead to painful intercourse and loss of sexual drive.

    FemiLift is tailored to provide relief from symptoms associated with menopause. This treatment induces collagen and elastin supply in the underlying tissues of the vaginal skin making it moisturized and hydrated. Thus, improving sensation and lubrication during sex.

    Vaginal Dryness

    This condition does not only occur when a woman ages, it can also be associated with breast cancer, especially when the patient is taking certain medications that lead to the drying of the vaginal tissue.

    In most cases, your doctor or gynecologist may not recommend hormone replacement therapy for breast cancer patients. Thus, a more viable solution is the femiLift Laser treatment. FemiLift lasers offer safe, fast and reliable procedures that will combat the drying of the vagina.

    When is the appropriate opportunity to contact my gynecologist for a FemiLift treatment?

    After childbirth or when you reach menopausal, it may be best to visit your trusted intimate cosmetic clinic in Melbourne for a consultation and evaluation. Your doctor will perform some medical tests to determine the condition of your vagina, including skin and tissue laxity. He or she will also assess if any disorders or dysfunctions are affecting your reproductive and urinary organs.

    During your consultation, your doctor will also determine whether a surgical or a FemiLift procedure is the most ideal for the tightening or rejuvenation of your intimate parts. Your doctor will also explain to you the pros and cons of opting for a surgical or FemiLift procedure, including the side effects of either treatment.

    What can I anticipate from a FemiLift treatment?

    After a FemiLift procedure, patients may expect the tightening and rejuvenation that they desire. They should feel an enhanced appearance and texture of their vaginal tissue, skin and other structures. These treatments also yield improved skin and tissue laxity in the vagina.

    FemiLift laser technology is tailored to provide at least the same amazing effects of surgical vaginal rejuvenation without the hassles and complications of surgery. Women who undergo FemiLift treatments should experience a vast improvement in their health, personal, medical, social, mental, emotional and intimate well-being.

    How common is tissue and skin laxity in the vagina?

    Skin and tissue laxity in the vagina is common to women who are experiencing menopause or those who gave multiple childbirth. This condition presupposes weakened muscles in the vagina, hence the feeling of a seemingly loose vagina.

    FemiLift treatments, however, paved the way for uplifting skin and tissue laxity in the vagina. The heat energy emitted from the laser devices urges better blood circulation, collagen and elastin production, skin tightening, and tissue thickening in the vagina. Thus, alleviating skin and tissue laxity in your intimate parts.

    Is FemiLift laser treatment painful?

    This fractional laser vaginal rejuvenation technique is proven effective and pain-free. It uses an intra-vaginal probe that is described to be more pleasant than a regular pap smear procedure. During the treatment, patients may feel a gradual warming sensation caused by the generation of heat energy from the laser devices. However, you should not feel any pain or discomfort throughout the procedure.

    To ensure that you are comfortable and anxious-free during the treatment, cosmetic doctors or gynecologists will use the most suitable size of laser probe with enough lubricating agent. Patients may experience muscle cramping after the treatment but these are mild and would resolve on their own within the next two days.

    How soon can I recommence my normal routines subsequent to a FemiLift procedure?

    In many cases, female clients may revert to their routine shortly following the treatments. FemiLift is a non-invasive treatment that does not require cuts, incisions, excision or stitches. Thus, a long recovery period is not necessary as compared to surgery. This, however, comes with two exceptions. Ergo, using tampons and having sexual intercourse.

    When can I have sex, then?

    Although one of the primary purposes of vaginal rejuvenation is to sensual gratification in bed, it may be best to give yourself at least three days following a femiLift treatment before engaging in intimate activities.

    In the event, you sense any pain or distress during sex, visit call your physician or gynecologist in Melbourne immediately.

    How many FemiLift laser treatments do I need for vaginal rejuvenation?

    The number of appointments needed to achieve women’s desired results varies on their specific needs. The vaginal condition and the patient’s body mechanism is considered to guarantee that the patient gets the results that he or she desires.

    Generally, however, a patient may need an initial three-series treatment plan spaced at 4 to 6 weeks per session. After this initial set of sessions, follow up appointments may be scheduled after eighteen months or two years.

    To ensure that you get optimum results that will prevent any reoccurrences of vaginal relapses, it is highly recommended that you follow the treatment plan that is created by your doctors or gynecologists.

    In some cases, doctors may require you to have routinely pelvic floor exercises in between sessions or within 24 months following your initial three-series procedure. This can help maintain the vitality and youthfulness of your vagina.

    How much do FemiLift Treatments cost?

    Depending on your treatment plan, the cost for FemiLift treatments starts at $400 per session. However, to know the exact price, it is highly recommended that you contact or call your skin clinic or cosmetic office in Melbourne.

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