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Petite Lady vs. MonaLisa Touch

Over the last two years, NEW innovative treatments for age related vaginal changes are becoming increasingly popular and women are asking about the differences between Petite Lady and the Mona Lisa Touch. Petite Lady and MonaLisa TouchTM are the more common treatments used to treat atrophic vaginitis, vaginal dryness and pain during sex. Both are non-surgical procedures available as an in-office treatment designed and approved to treat a very specific condition typically caused by menopause, aging, child birth and breast cancer survival. So contact us to get more information on this.

Petite Lady and the MonaLisa TouchTMare different treatment options by definition. Each are promoted to achieve similar results for resolving the symptoms of vaginal dryness, urinary tract infections , menopause and painful intercourse. The biggest difference between them is the type of laser used to increase blood flow and promote collagen growth. Petite Lady is a Erbium Laser device that achieves desired outcomes using a less invasive laser; whereas, the MonaLisa TouchTM uses laser energy to administer heat to penetrate deeper into vaginal tissue. The MonaLisa TouchTMCO2 laser is a fractional ablation device that uses harsh and strong laser energy in treating vaginal walls for many women. With the fractionated monalisa touch laser a large and uncontrolled percentage of vaginal tissue is affected and stimulated for regrowth or thickening of vaginal wall tissue. It simply causes more pain and side effects both during and after the treatment in comparison to the Petite Lady. As it is more invasive the use of Mona Lisa Touch is going out of favour amongst practitioners.  The dual-action of the Petite Lady and invasive action of MonaLisa TouchTM, both promote blood supply and collagen growth.

  • Petite Lady = Gentle Erbium Laser = heat
  • MonaLisa TouchTM = Harsh and powerful laser = heat + fractional ablation

Comparison Between Mona Lisa Touch and Petite Lady

 Mona LisaPetite Lady


Recovery Time7-10 Days24 Hours
Cost$1,297 per session$997 per session
Laser TechnologyCarbon DioxideErbium
Sessions Required3 - 66 - 8
TGA ApprovedYesYes

Is treatment using the MonaLisa Touch or Petite Lady painful?

Petite Lady has been described as having less downtime and less pain than MonaLisa TouchTM by the professionals who are offering these treatment options. Please be aware this is merely an opinion but we are finding that Petite Lady’s treatments are less painful. The MonaLisa TouchTM is being performed by untrained nurses and although it requires no anesthesia or down time, the treatments are more invasive and therefore putting the patient at a greater risk of complications. Patients are able to return to normal activity immediately following any of the two treatment options but for optimal comfort and ability to partake in comfortable intercourse after treatment, the V institute patients prefer to have the Petite Lady treatment over monalisa touch laser.

How much does the MonaLisa TouchTM and Petite Lady cost?

According to reviews and enquiries, the cost of Petite Lady ranges from $1500 – $3,500 for 3 treatments while the average cost reported for the MonaLisa TouchTM ranges from $2,800 – $5,000 for 3 treatments. More Frequently Asked Questions about the MonaLisa TouchTM.

How long do results last using the MonaLisa TouchTM laser vs. Petite Lady?

Petite Lady reports that maintenance treatments are needed between 8 – 12 months versus the MonaLisa Touch’s 10 months. The dual-action of the fractional CO2 laser, heat and fractional ablation, should have a longer lasting effect. Neither are permanent as our bodies continuously age and skin cells including the vagina are damaged.

Does the MonaLisa TouchTM or Petite Lady improve or resolve stress incontinence?

Patients from both Petite Lady and MonaLisa Touch have had improvements or cessation in stress incontinence and urinary problems, but no studies are able to support these claims till date.

Why Choose Vaginal Laser Treatment?

We don’t think women have to undergo surgery to obtain the vagina they desire. In fact, our laser treatments are much safer and more effective than surgical procedures. Many women don’t know the harmful effects surgery can have on their vaginal tissues, while our laser treatment protects and repairs those tissues.

We understand that vaginal textures, appearances, and functions change due to childbirth and age, because it’s all part of life! Dr. Pallavi is Australia’s leading GPs, holding many qualifications in natural medicine and cosmetics, as well as a gynecology and obstetrics degree. As one of the most preferred doctors in women’s health care, she has helped over thousands of women with their vaginal needs by diagnosing all major symptoms of vaginal issues..

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    Petite Lady Vs Mona Lisa Touch

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    Petite Lady Vs Mona Lisa Touch

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    Petite Lady Vs Mona Lisa Touch

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    Petite Lady Vs Mona Lisa Touch

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    Vaginal Rejuvenation is a non-invasive laser treatment for vaginal tightening and rejuvenation. It revitalizes and tightens vaginal tissues and treats minor cases of stress urinary incontinence.

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