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Mona Lisa Touch can help you achieve the vaginal rejuvenation that you have been wanting. It is no doubt that ageing can bring forth many changes in the body. Many women have been searching for ways on how to combat vaginal conditions as the menopausal phase begins to creep up.

In recent years, many non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation techniques have been launched worldwide. Mona Lisa Touch is one of the most prevalent non-surgical approaches to helping women get back the lost youthfulness and moisture in their intimate parts.

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    MonaLisa Touch Melbourne

    Walk In Walk Out In 20 Minutes

    Our laser procedure treatment takes only 20 minutes, and if you choose to do so, can happen right after your consultation. That means you’ll be able to walk in, have the treatment and walk out, all on the same day.

    MonaLisa Touch Melbourne

    Non Invasive & Gentle Treatment

    Our highly specialised equipment and cosmetic procedures ensures that the treatment is completely non-invasive and non-surgical, meaning you’ll feel comfortable the entire time. You’ll be able to walk out needing minimal recovery and little after-care.

    MonaLisa Touch Melbourne

    Enjoy Life More

    Give a fresh start to your sex life with vaginal tightening using Petite Lady’s non-invasive laser treatment in Melbourne. It revitalises the vaginal canal and vaginal tissues and increases the sensations during sexual contact, allowing you to enjoy life and do more. This Laser procedure also helps with incontinence issues

    8 out of 10 women experience enhanced sensations following only 2 laser treatments

    MonaLisa Touch Melbourne

    What is MonaLisa Touch?

    MonaLisa Touch involves the use of fractionated CO2 laser technology that aims to help women fight the signs of ageing in their intimate parts. This non-invasive laser treatment addresses vaginal health conditions such as vaginal atrophy and dryness.

    How does MonaLisa Touch work its wonders?

    The use of CO2 laser technology in MonaLisa Touch offers a combination of maximum effectiveness and reduced risks of side effects. This high tech laser treatment aims to provide patients with optimum results that surgery offers minus the requirement of going under the knife.

    A MonaLisa Touch procedure is performed by utilizing a special scanner called HI Scan V²LR. This fractional CO2 laser pulse-powered device offers direct laser stimulation to the vaginal mucosa. The laser generates heat that gently works on the vaginal walls while creating seemingly invisible micro-lesions that will trigger the neo collagenases in the vaginal area.

    When the neo collagenases are in action, they begin to reorganize and refurbish the components of the vaginal mucosa. Thus, naturally and effectively rejuvenating the vagina therapeutically and not just aesthetically.

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    MonaLisa Touch Melbourne

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Mona Lisa Touch treatment available now?

    The remarkable journey of MonaLisa Touch begun when it was first introduced in Italy in the year 2012. However, it only gained approval and recognition from the Food and Drug Administra or FDA and was made available in the USA in September 2014.

    MonaLisa Touch vaginal treatments became prevalent in Australia in the past couple of years. Many clinics in Melbourne are offering amazing benefits of this laser treatment. MonaLisa Touch has gained prestige and public trust in improving women’s health.

    Patients can now take advantage of this amazing treatment and enjoy vaginal rejuvenation that will takes years off their vaginal laxity. If you are looking for a Melbourne provider of MonaLisa Touch laser treatment, contact your trusted doctors or gynecologists for a consultation.

    What vaginal issues can MonaLisa Touch address?

    MonaLisa Touch laser has been providing vaginal rejuvenation to many women for several years now.

    This treatment has been proven effective and reliable for many vaginal health issues including the following:

    Vaginal Laxity

    Restructuring the vaginal laxity after pregnancy or before menopause is one of the many benefits that you can get from a Mona Lisa Touch treatment. This laser technique can address a seemingly loose vaginal canal, walls, muscles or tissues caused by childbirth or the natural process of ageing. It can also treat skin laxity within and surrounding the vagina.

    Vaginal Mucosa Dysfunction

    Mona Lisa Touch treatments can help patients revitalize the functionality of the vaginal mucosa. Vaginal mucosa dysfunction happens when there is abnormal discharge, vulva-vaginal discomfort, or both. This is sometimes referred to as vaginitis.

    Although it is normal to have vaginal discharge as the body’s natural process of maintaining your genitals, a normal discharge should be clear or milky but odourless. If this is not the case, it may be best to contact your gynecologist for a check-up and to know if Mona Lisa Touch is the ideal treatment for you.

    Vaginal Atrophy

    This women’s health issue involves the thinning, inflammation, and dehydration of the vaginal walls. Mona Lisa Touch treatments can help treat vaginal atrophy while stimulating lubrication in the vaginal canal. It can also help thicken the vaginal walls and reduce the inflammation of the tissue.

    The use of fractionated CO2 laser pulse technology helps induce the supply of collagen and elastin underneath the skin. This, then, helps stimulate moisturization, hydration or lubrication in the vagina. Another benefit of inducing collagen and elastin production in the vaginal wall is that they make the tissue and skin more elastic and firmer.

    Vaginal Dryness

    Vaginal dryness must be differentiated from vaginal atrophy. The former is usually associated with the latter as one of its symptoms. However, vaginal dryness is the drying of the vaginal tissues that lead to dyspareunia. Vaginal dryness may not include vaginal wall thinning and tissue inflammation as compared to atrophy.

    Mona Lisa Touch treatments help combat the drying of the vagina while optimizing hydration within the vaginal wall. This reducing pain and discomfort during sex.

    Loss of Sex Drive

    As women age, they feel that they have also lost tightening in their vaginas. Thus, affecting their quality of life. At times, they would lose trust in themselves regarding how they perform in bed. Mona Lisa Touch treatments can help stimulate sensitivity within the vaginal structures to improve sensation, especially during sex.

    Patients will feel and experience vaginal tightening which they seemingly felt they have lost over the years of motherhood or simply by ageing. This non-surgical treatment offers amazing benefits that result in sexual gratification.

    Urinary Incontinence

    Urinary incontinence is a condition that affects the bladder, urethra, sphincter and other urinary structures. This condition leads to loss of bladder or urine leakage control. Mona Lisa Touch treatment can help alleviate the signs and symptoms of mild to moderate stress urinary incontinence.

    Urogenital Disorders

    This is sometimes referred to as genitourinary disorders. These are conditions that affect the urinary and genital organs. Organs affected by these disorders are the bladder, urethra, vagina, kidney, and rectum.

    The use of Mona Lisa Touch treatments can help reestablish the normal functions of the relative urogenital structures for an improved quality of life. This may include urinary tract infections and incontinence.

    Mona Lisa Touch can also determine the presence of symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS. In which case, female patients can immediately go for proper diagnosis and treatment.

    What are the key advantages of a Mona Lisa Touch treatment?

    This laser vaginal treatment offers the following advantages:

    • Time and cost-efficient;
    • Non-surgical and reliable;
    • Safe and FDA-approved;
    • Quick procedure that entails about fifteen minutes to complete;
    • The treatment is not painful;
    • Non-hormonal technique but can be combined with hormone therapy;
    • Can be used for women of any age;
    • Readily available in most clinics around Australia;
    • Superb patient reviews;
    • Offers long-lasting results;
    • Backed by science and years of research and evidence; and
    • Offers a balanced and improved quality of life after pregnancy and menopause.

    Is Mona Lisa Touch treatment available now?

    When is the right time to get a Mona Lisa Touch laser vaginal rejuvenation?

    When women undergo pregnancy and manopause, they incur inevitable bodily changes. The hormonal imbalances in women are a seemingly natural but endless process. This, however, affects the quality of their life.

    In most cases, as a woman matures, her vaginal health develops and deteriorates at the same time. Most women will undergo dyspareunia, vaginal atrophy, dryness, persistent irritation, and even infection. These vaginal conditions should be the prompt for patients to visit their trusted cosmetic intimate clinic in Melbourne, Australia.

    Here are some signs and symptoms when you should contact your doctors or gynecologist to know if MonaLisa Touch is the right vaginal rejuvenation treatment for you:

    • Vaginal dryness;
    • Painful intercourse;
    • Itchiness coupled with a burning sensation before, during and after sex;
    • Lack of lubrication, vaginal moisture and hydration;
    • A seemingly loosened vaginal wall that may require tightening;
    • Minor to medium urinary incontinence and other urinary symptoms; and
    • An unusual discharge or infection in the vagina.

    MonaLisa Touch vaginal laser treatment can also address the issue of lichen sclerosis. This vaginal condition is more common after menopause. It is manifested by white patches on the skin that develops in the female genitalia. When your vaginal area is infected with lichen sclerosis, the skin becomes thinner than your natural skin tissue.

    Although this laser treatment is non-surgical, please be aware that it may not be the best treatment for certain patients. Thus, it is always best to seek the recommendation of your doctors for treatment options that will work for you. To know if you are the right candidate for a Mona Lisa Touch treatment, it is best to visit your gynecologists or doctors for consultation.

    What happens during a consultation?

    Just like any other cosmetic or medical treatment, Mona Lisa Touch treatment is not a one-size-fits-all kind of procedure. Thus, a consultation is necessary if this laser treatment is the most ideal vaginal rejuvenation procedure for you.

    During the consultation, your doctor or gynecologist will subject you to a series of tests that will help him or her determine the condition of your vaginal structures. You will also be asked to answer some Q&A forms that may include information about your personal, health, and medical history.

    Your doctor will also ask you for signs and symptoms that you have been experiencing including pain and discomfort during intercourse, lack of sexual drive, any unusual discharges, irritation, itchiness and urinary symptoms. With the information gathered and the results of the tests that you will undergo, your doctor will provide an assessment and diagnosis for you.

    If your gynecologist finds that your vaginal health conditions fall within the bounds of a Mona Lisa Touch vaginal treatment, he or she will recommend the same for you. However, if your doctor deems fit that another treatment like surgery or other laser treatment options is a better choice, he or she will help you understand why it is so.

    What happens after a Mona Lisa Touch vaginal rejuvenation treatment?

    Immediately after a Mona Lisa Touch laser procedure, a patient may feel some tightness and cramping in the treatment area which may resolve on their own within the next three days. However, no pain or discomfort can be experienced during and after the treatment. Thus, women who undergo this laser treatment can return to work right after the procedure.

    These laser treatments are considered lunch break rejuvenation procedures that address issues on lubrication, vaginal atrophy, dryness, urinary incontinence, and skin laxity. In some cases, Mona Lisa Touch also offers an improvement on painful intercourse woes and tightening problems of the vaginal canal.

    Indeed, Mona Lisa Touch treatments provide a vast improvement on women’s health both therapeutically and aesthetically. This is one reason why women are opting for this laser vaginal treatment therapy over other treatment options including surgery.

    Are you allowed to have sex right after a Mona Lisa Touch session?

    While this technique is considered a lunchbreak treatment, it may not be wise to have sexual intercourse immediately after a session. Laser treatments create tissue changes during the treatment that may cause some tenderness in the vaginal canal, tissues, and skin. Thus, any immediate sexual activity may result in pain, discomfort or even adverse side effects.

    In most instances, your doctor may advise you to refrain from engaging in any sexual intercourse or activities within the next three to four days following your treatment. This is to ensure that you get optimum results after Mona Lisa Touch treatments.

    If pain and discomfort persist after having sex, it is best to immediately phone your doctor or gynecologist right away. Remember that painful sex does not exude a healthy quality of life.

    How many Mona Lisa Touch treatment sessions are needed for each patient?

    Unlike surgery, a laser treatment such as Mona Lisa Touch may need at least one subsequent follow-up session to fully achieve the vaginal rejuvenation goals that you deserve. During your consultation, your doctor will discuss with you a treatment plan that will include the number of Mona Lisa Touch sessions that you may be needing.

    On average, a patient may need to undergo two or three follow-up sessions after the first treatment to fully achieve your desired vaginal rejuvenation. The series of 2 to 3 treatments are usually spaced at two to six weeks. After the first treatment series, a patient will notice significant improvements that may last for months or years.

    How long do Mona Lisa Touch treatments last?

    One of the unique advantages of a Mona Lisa Touch treatment is it offers vaginal therapy and not just aesthetic improvement. Even after the first treatment, collagen and elastin refurbishment is induced to produce vaginal tissue plumpness which in turn makes the vaginal wall and muscles firmer.

    After the first three-session treatment, the Mona Lisa touch can last between nine months to two years or even more. The longevity of a Mona Lisa Touch treatment depends on your vaginal condition, vaginal tissue and skin laxity and the patient’s body mechanism.

    Are Mona Lisa Touch treatments safe?

    These laser treatments are proven safe and reliable for most gynecology-related issues. Many patients have shown positive responses to the MonaLisa Touch as it has provided a vast improvement in women who suffered from vaginal tissue and skin laxity, aridity, atrophy as well as painful intercourse, urinary incontinence, and vaginal tightening issues.

    The use of a CO2 laser system directly targets the muscles, tissues or skin that needs treatment without damaging the nearby or surrounding structure. Thus, Mona Lisa Touch lasers are safe to use for women.

    Does it hurt during the procedure?

    This non-surgical treatment involves an intra-vaginal intervention using a specialized tube-like laser-powered probe. Before the intervention process, an ample amount of lubricant is applied to the probe for a pain-free procedure.

    Comparatively, Mona Lisa Touch laser treatments do not require cuts, incisions, excision and stitches, unlike surgery. Thus, patients will not have any painful experiences during these laser treatments. To ensure that you get the best Mona Lisa Touch treatments in Melbourne, Australia, it is best to visit your trusted doctors or gynecologists.

    Is Mona Lisa Touch safe for cancer patients?

    Mona Lisa Touch laser treatments are FDA-approved procedures for women who want to improve the condition and aesthetics of their intimate parts. In 2018, the Food and Drug Administration had categorized Mona Lisa Touch laser treatments as safe for breast cancer patients. Thus, these laser treatments can be hailed as safe and efficient even for patients who just underwent some cancer therapies or medications.

    The use of CO2 fractionated lasers is tailored to created micro-abrasions on the vaginal tissues that stimulates the growth of new blood vessels while inducing better blood circulation that helps improve the patients’ overall health and well-being. Thus, women who are suffering from or just had some medications for breast cancer may undergo these laser treatments safely and efficiently.

    You should, however, remember to consult your doctor for utmost evaluation, diagnosis and treatment. It is also best that you share this pertinent information with your provider to prevent any adverse complications to happen.

    Are there side effects of using these laser treatments?

    Mona Lisa Touch is an ideal treatment for vaginal conditions as well as urinary issues including incontinence and urinary tract infections. This treatment is also safe for vaginal tightening after pregnancy and during menopause.

    Women who underwent these laser treatments were assured safety without worries of incurring any side effects. Mona Lisa Touch is a non-surgical treatment that does not require cuts, incisions, anaesthetics and other procedures associated with getting surgery. Thus, the risks of acquiring complications are very rare.

    How much does a MonaLisa Touch treatment cost?

    These laser treatments are ideal for vaginal atrophy, dryness, tightening, and treating urinary incontinence. Women can get the sexual life that they seem to have lost after pregnancy or during and after menopause.

    On average, a MonaLisa treatment cost $900 per treatment in Melbourne, Australia. Depending on the number of treatment sessions needed for a patient to achieve the rejuvenation and treatment that they need, the price for Mona Lisa lasers may vary.

    Factors to be considered in determining the cost of the treatment includes the following:

    • A vaginal condition such as dryness, atrophy, dyspareunia, and laxity;
    • Urinary incontinence and other bladder conditions;
    • The severity of the condition; and
    • The body mechanisms and medical conditions of women.

    To get an exact price for MonaLisa laser treatments, it may be best to phone your doctor or gynecologist for a consultation.

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