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Every woman or every person so to speak, incur many changes as they age. However, women are prone to intimate changes that lead to self-consciousness, low self-confidence, and anxiety. These changes are caused by childbirth or the deterioration of vaginal muscle strength due to aging.

While some ladies are embarrassed to seek cosmetic help, others are wondering how this self-disappointing condition can be mended. Many intimate clinics in Australia are providing vaginal rejuvenation services like Petite Lady Gynecology Laser.

Petit Lady Gynecology Laser or Petite Lady is a non-surgical solution to withering female sensuality. It is a non-invasive, reliable, and practical approach to rejuvenating the vaginal structures. It caters to post-delivery changes, ageing signs and symptoms in the vagina, and vulva-vaginal dysfunctions.

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    Petit Lady Melbourne

    Walk In Walk Out In 20 Minutes

    Our laser procedure treatment takes only 20 minutes, and if you choose to do so, can happen right after your consultation. That means you’ll be able to walk in, have the treatment and walk out, all on the same day.

    Petit Lady Melbourne

    Non Invasive & Gentle Treatment

    Our highly specialised equipment and cosmetic procedures ensures that the treatment is completely non-invasive and non-surgical, meaning you’ll feel comfortable the entire time. You’ll be able to walk out needing minimal recovery and little after-care.

    Petit Lady Melbourne

    Enjoy Life More

    Give a fresh start to your sex life with vaginal tightening using Petite Lady’s non-invasive laser treatment in Melbourne. It revitalises the vaginal canal and vaginal tissues and increases the sensations during sexual contact, allowing you to enjoy life and do more. This Laser procedure also helps with incontinence issues

    8 out of 10 women experience enhanced sensations following only 2 laser treatments

    Petit Lady Melbourne

    What is Petite Lady Gynaecology Laser?

    Petite Lady is an advanced innovation that uses Action II laser technology. Action II involves the use of Er YAG that is tailored for most gynecological treatments. This state-of-the-art vaginal rejuvenation technique allows doctors or gynecologists to provide the help necessary for women to achieve their intimate goals.

    The Action II Er YAG technology is designed to directly address the targeted vaginal structure using micro-level precision and minimal thermal conduction. Thus, ablating the targeted vaginal area without damaging the surrounding tissues. This makes this device the safest and most convenient way of getting the vaginal rejuvenation that you deserve.

    Action II Petit Lady is a product of Lutronic Aesthetic. This company offers a wide range of aesthetic and medical laser-assisted devices. For nineteen years now, Lutronic has provided the needed laser technological support to many cosmetic services worldwide, including Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.

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    Petit Lady Melbourne

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does this non-surgical procedure work its wonders?

    Petite Lady lasers provide the necessary tightening, firmness, strength, and sensuality in the vagina, It also helps improve the appearance of the vulva while creating the needed stimulation for collagen production. This helps in keeping the vagina moisturized while boosting lubrication during sexual intercourse.

    The Action II Er YAG technology in Petite Lady Laser offers dual-mode action that can be ideal for many vaginal issues that most women are suffering from. Er YAG provides a regulated tissue ablation and least coagulation with its precision technology, while Action II ensures reliability and non-invasive interference during the treatment.

    This unprecedented dual-mode feature of Petite Lady lasers renders repetitious micropulse with long-pulse tones at a given interval. This technological feature is perfect as the intravaginal scopes provide a comfortable and more dynamic procedure.

    This laser technology enables a more extensive subsequent thermal effect and the well-managed heating of the target vaginal mucosa. Thus, obtaining your desired vaginal rejuvenation with the use of photothermal laser interplay with the mucose membrane of the vaginal walls.

    What vaginal enhancement results can you expect from Petite Lady lasers?

    Action II Petite Lady offers an extremely versatile approach for the women of today. This laser technology provides a customer with the best treatment details that they deserve.

    Every patient can expect the following results from a Petite lady procedure while improving a client’s quality of life:

    • Patients can get the vaginal tightening that they desire;
    • Women can also get back the lost vaginal tone, sensitivity and lubrication;
    • Enhanced collagen refurbishment in the vagina;
    • The change received can improve sexual gratification;
    • Regenerated skin laxity;
    • Ladies with slight to medium stress urinary incontinence can receive great improvement;
    • Vaginal tightening to address laxity issues;
    • Rejuvenated vulva-related disorders and aesthetics;
    • Resolved vaginal atrophy and dryness; and
    • Enhanced pigmentation on the vaginal tissues.

    What advantages can a Petite Lady laser offer?

    Petite Lady offers the following advantages:

    • The procedure is non-surgical, safe, and reliable;
    • Laser-based cosmetic treatments have become high in demand in Sydney and Melbourne;
    • The treatment offers little to no downtimes;
    • Bleeding is managed by the controlled coagulation feature of the device;
    • The procedure is virtually pain-free;
    • Patients can circumvent the risks correlated with traditional surgery;
    • Petite Lady offers a fast, easy, and simple service;
    • The procedure does not require cuts, incisions and stitches, hence scar-free;
    • The tightening sizes of the vagina can be tailored to conform to your inclination;
    • Recovery time is also quick; and
    • The treatment is time and cost-effective.

    Aside from these advantages, women who undergo Petite Lady laser treatment can also boost their confidence and experience an enhanced quality of life. After the treatment, patients can enjoy a wider collection of available fashion, wardrobe and line of clothing, including jackets, dresses, pants and other pieces of clothing that they only used to side glance before their treatment.

    Indeed, vaginal rejuvenation such as Petite Lady can help women express themselves better whether in fashion or in bed. Petite Lady laser is designed to fit the intimate goals of every woman.

    Is Petit Lady laser vaginal rejuvenation safe?

    Petite Lady laser treatments are a non-surgical intervention that is designed to provide an intimate service like no other. It uses Action II Er YAG laser technology that has gained approval from the Food and Drug Administration and was categorized safe for vaginal rejuvenation and other gynecological services.

    This non-invasive vaginal enhancement technique is proven fast, simple, safe, and reliable by a number of cosmetic clinics around Melbourne. For patients with high pain sensitivity, your doctor will apply a topical numbing cream to facilitate pain and discomfort during the procedure.

    Petite Lady lasers also do not require cuts, incisions, excision and stitches. Thus, available risks of complications rarely happen. However, in case of adverse side effects, please make sure that you contact your doctor right away to address any concerns that may lead to new problems.

    Why should you opt for Lady Petite laser over other vaginal rejuvenation techniques?

    This laser-assisted product offers many advantages but below is a list of features that make Petite Lady the new vaginal rejuvenation technique that your body will love.

    • Gentle ablation and photothermal impression;
    • Double-depth penetration;
    • Action II dual pass system;
    • Intuitive graphical user interface;
    • powered by erbium yttrium-aluminium-garnet (Er YAG) system;
    • Consist of a 90° handpiece;
    • Pulse mode tightening system;
    • Easy set-up of parameters before and during treatment;
    • Fast and equal lasing technique; and
    • Quick 15-minute procedure.

    Do Petit Lady lasers only cater to vaginal rejuvenation?

    This laser treatment encompasses a wide range of women’s intimate woes including a collection of gynecological indications.

    Here are the most popular reasons why patients go for Petite Lady lasers:

    • Post-delivery vaginal modifications;
    • Vaginal atrophy;
    • Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome;
    • Vaginal wall and opening improvement;
    • Total vulva-vaginal rejuvenation;
    • Enhanced sexual gratification;
    • Mild to medium stress urinary incontinence
    • Vaginal dryness;
    • Address issues on the relaxed vaginal canal;
    • Treat burning sensation especially during sex;
    • Pigmented vulva;
    • Tighten vaginal walls for a better fit, new, and youthful feel; and
    • Create a stretch mark-free skin.

    This laser rejuvenation procedure is especially recommended aid during women’s menopausal phase to rejuvenate their vagina and to enhance sexual gratification while uplifting their quality of life. However, younger generations can also take advantage of the numerous benefits that this method has to offer.

    How long does Petite Lady laser treatment last?

    The longevity of Petite Lady treatments ranges from one year to eighteen months. However, to achieve optimum and longer-lasting results, you should complete the needed series of sessions recommended by your doctor in your treatment plan.

    In most cases, you will be required to undergo a three-session treatment plan spaced every two weeks. After this series of appointments, you can now enjoy the new, tight, and firm vagina that you desire. In case you feel that ageing is starting to creep up after twelve months, you can visit your doctor in Melbourne for a single booster Petite Lady treatment.

    How many Petite Lady appointments are necessary to obtain your sought-after results?

    Every patient is unique, hence, their needs also vary from each other. While one treatment session may work for some ladies, others may need more than two appointments to receive the results that will content them.

    On average, however, your doctor may recommend a series of three sessions to complete your treatment. Please note that the number of sessions required will depend on the range or condition of your vagina, the type of rejuvenation you need, your body mechanism, and the change that you like to experience.

    In some cases, your doctor may recommend combining Petite Lady laser with another cosmetic procedure to get the best results. One of the most prevalent approaches that are best paired with Petite Lady is labiaplasty. This can help touch up the size and appearance of the labia while improving women’s well-being.

    Is there a need for extensive pre-operative preparation for this laser vaginal rejuvenation?

    Petite Lady laser treatments do not require any extensive pre-operative preparations. However, you will be required to answer some forms pertaining to your personal, health and medical background to ensure the delivery of optimum results.

    While there is no need to follow any strict pre-operative guidelines as compared to other vaginal rejuvenation procedures, you will still be required to inform your doctor of any allergies or medical conditions that can affect the outcome of the treatment.

    After the consultation, your vaginal structures will be evaluated and a diagnosis will be discussed with you. Afterwhich, your doctor may recommend same-day treatment if you are available during your visit.

    How much does a Petite Lady laser treatment cost?

    The price for every Petite Lady laser session starts at $997. However, this price varies on the range or extent of the condition of the vulva-vagina as well as the sign and symptoms that the patient is experiencing.

    To ensure that you receive a close approximation of the cost of your laser vaginal rejuvenation, please visit your trusted cosmetic doctors or gynecologists for a consultation.

    If you are looking for the best laser vaginal rejuvenation, try Action II Petit Lady laser in Melbourne today!

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