G-Spot Enhancement

An opinion commonly shared among doctors is the presence of an area of the vagina that creates a greater level of arousal. At The V Institute our doctors are trained in enhancing this region with our expert knowledge of female anatomy.

The area can be enhanced in terms of size, and create a greater sense of arousal for the patient during intercourse. With the injection of a natural product – hyaluronic dermal filler – the vaginal tissue and the body accept this natural product as it becomes concentrated over an area. It acts as a stimulating point for arousal – the G spot.

The larger the stimulating point hence the more pressure over this area. This allows for a longer and better sexual experience by stimulating the G spot.

With local numbing agent, a simple small pain free injection is give superficially in the vaginal wall. This delivers the natural dermal filler and there is no need for anesthesia with a limited recovery time required.

This not an invasive procedure and does not require an operation.

This is a quick, highly refined and skilled procedure. It takes less than 20 minutes to complete with almost no discomfort.

No. This is a non invasive and non surgical procedure that is completed in minutes not hours. That means you are able to get on with your day as soon as you leave our rooms and there are generally no restrictions placed.

This is a results driven procedure. With every human body being different, the amount of dermal filler required and the difficulty of injecting the product varies greatly between person to person.

The cost depends on the results wanting to be obtained and the amount of filler that is required. If you are concerned about the costings and the procedure then best place to start is taking up an obligation free consult with our doctors.

If you decide to go ahead with the procedure then the consultation cost is included in the procedure price which can vary from $2000 – $4000.

We aimed to keep you well informed about the process throughout the consultation and allowing you to make your own informed decision. Our trained doctors are here to help regarding all your queries and concerns.

Our medical and nursing team at The V Institute is waiting for all your queries and questions. Don’t hesitate to call our staff regarding any of the procedures involved.

Feel safe. Be treated by experts.

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