Women’s Health Screening


At the V Institute, we believe in keeping the pregnancy process simple, safe, natural and enjoyable. Through our holistic approach, our doctors ensure that you receive the highest level of maternity care and that your pregnancy period is without inconveniences. We encourages your active involvement in pregnancy, birth and postnatal care and allows your spouse to accompany you all through the process.


As experts in women’s health care, we understand that the excitement of welcoming a new member to your family could soon be replaced with the daunting task of taking care of the new born. However, that shouldn’t be of any worry to you, as through our personalised postnatal period planning, we ensure that the transition period after your pregnancy is seamless. At The V Institute, we insist on having check-ups at the first and sixth week after child birth. This helps you to discuss on various issues covering feeding, development, sleep cycle and contraception.


Finding a birth control method that best fits your needs is key to better sexual life and health. As highly informed medical experts, we help you choose the contraceptive device that’s safe and without any side effects. With over 400 insertions in the last 12 months, our doctors are considered as the best in Melbourne, when it comes to inserting Mirena contraceptive devices. Talk to our doctors today to pick the birth control method, that’s just right for you.


Menopause or marking the end of a woman’s reproductive period could be associated with unpleasant experiences such as hot flushes, urinary burning, vaginal dryness, low energy and hormonal changes. As experts in women’s health care, our doctors’ help you find freedom from menopausal issues through tried and tested medical approaches. All of our treatments are based on clinical researches, ensuring effectiveness and cure without side effects.

Pap Smears

Save yourself from the chances of having a cervical cancer by through Pap smear! Studies show that having regular Pap smear every two years can help prevent up to 90 per cent of cervical cancer. At The V Institute we make your experience of having a Pap smear a breeze by making you feel comfortable and relaxed. It is highly recommended that all women aged 18 – 69 years, who have ever been sexually active, should have a Pap smear test every two years.

Sexual Health Consultation

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are not to be taken lightly as they are the leading cause of various chronic illnesses, especially in women. It affects a woman’s ability to conceive or can potentially get transferred to the child during pregnancy. However, the good news is – most STIs can be cured and transmission to children can be prevented, if screened, planned and treated early. If you ever had sex without a condom, then get your STI check-up at The V Institute, Melbourne.



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Women’s Health Screening

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