Cost of Urinary Incontinence Treatment

Urinary incontinence is a big disease. It is also one of the most common gynecological diseases that can cause severe discomfort and unbearable pain. This is not even considering the embarrassment that comes with it. It is a chronic disease that requires a significant amount of time and a lot of money to treat. That is why most people are not willing to take any risks and try the first thing they can find in the beauty store. However, it seems that people only know it’s expensive and not much else about the cost. Many people do not know why it’s expensive and the factors in play. This is why in this article we want to raise awareness on the urinary incontinence treatment cost by discussing the factors that affect them. For you, this is your chance to determine if you want Melbourne Urinary Incontinence Treatment.

Cost of A Urinary Incontinence Treatment

If you want to go with the beauty store product option, that is fine. However, what many people do not realize is that you can end up actually paying more money than you save. This is because while these treatments do cost less at least on paper, they require constant refilling. On average, women spend $900 a year on such products to maintain their effects. While there is nothing wrong with those products many doctors recommend some medications instead of treatments. The issue is when people spend money on these products for the wrong reason.

On the other hand, surgical treatments such as adding a urethral insert cost around $1,500 in all. The difference is something like that is likely to last much longer. On the other hand, Pessary treatment costs more, at around $1,300 but also lasts much longer. This makes both these options more cost-effective if your concern is about money. On the other hand, there are many other treatment options you can turn to, each one ranging in price. All of them are likely much cheaper than surgery but require maintenance treatments. However, aside from that, there are other factors you need to consider.

Factors That Affect Urinary Incontinence Cost


Generally speaking, insurance has a bad history of funding and providing coverage for cosmetic treatments. In particular, those parts of vagina rejuvenation are not usually part of insurance plans. This can make it very difficult to find help for financing it. However, the exception to this is those treatments involving urinary incontinence. This is one of the only treatments that is seen as medically necessary. The reason for this is likely since this is a recognized medical issue so they have less reason to turn it down.  

Many insurance companies are more than willing to help pay for surgery involving this treatment. Sometimes they can cover as much as 80% of the costs, meaning you do not have to pay for most of it.

Type of Treatment

As we have seen, there are plenty of ways that you can treat your issue. However, these have different costs involved. This comes from how different they are to administer and their different effects. Some of them like lifestyle changes and exercise cost almost nothing. Meanwhile, others like medication and surgery can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Some even add up as the years go by as you have to keep paying for repeat treatments. 

Type of Incontinence

There is more than one type of incontinence that affects people. These can vary in different ways but are based mainly on how they are stimulated. Some can be from simple day-to-day activities and others have underlying causes. For example, stress incontinence comes from stress on your bladder which can come from other causes. Meanwhile, some incontinence comes as a result of issues such as arthritis. This makes it difficult for people to reach the bathroom to urinate. Because they have different causes, you also have different ways to fix it.

Because of these differences, it can affect what you need to do for the treatment. Sometimes all it takes is some small changes or preparation while other times need treatment. 

Accompanying Diseases

Incontinence doesn’t just happen on its own and you can need more than just a Urinary Incontinence Treatment Melbourne. It can be a symptom of some other issue that you do not know about. Often the difficulty to urinate can be a sign of something such as diabetes, cancer, or prostate problems. All of this will require treatments on their own. Because of that, the costs for treating incontinence on its own will have to be compounded with other treatment costs from all these other issues. With things like prostate issues, these can be closely related to each other. On the other hand with things like arthritis can cause indirect issues. This can complicate figuring out how much you do need to pay. 


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