Facts about FemiLift Treatment

Aside from what you learn about this procedure in a medical consultation, there is still a lot more out there. There are plenty of interesting facts about Melbourne FemiLift treatment. Sometimes they can be important to know about the treatment and other times just some interesting facts. Regardless though, these are things that a lot of people do not always realize. This is why we want to spend some time shedding light on these facts. In this article, we will list down and share some of the things we find interesting about this treatment.

Facts About FemiLift Treatment

The Idea Has Been Around for Decades

Although the FemiLift treatment itself is rather new, the fact is the idea and even forms of it have been around for much longer. It uses similar concepts to other laser treatments that cosmetic procedures often use to treat their patients. The difference is these laser treatments are in other parts of your body. An example of this is laser treatment for your chin, armpits, etc. The difference is that in these cases, is that they do not have to worry about a chemical loss like in your vagina since Estrogen is not as important there.

Facts About the Staff in A FemiLift Treatment

Generally speaking, a cosmetic treatment needs more than a single surgeon to perform. It can require other doctors or some assistants to help in this procedure. However, with FemiLift treatment Melbourne the staff consists usually of just a single doctor. This is for several reasons. 

The first is that since the treatment is non-invasive, there is not a lot of work that they need to do. This means you can get away with just having one member working on it. In particular, since there is no need for anesthesia, you do not need someone to administer it or keep an eye on you.

More obviously, this can be for a reason of privacy. For many people, the treatment is already uncomfortable enough as it is, the last thing they want is more people. Because of that, they are more comfortable with just having the doctor there.

It Can Prevent Urinary Incontinence

benefits. However, there are times where it can also help you medically in some way. In particular, this treatment is great when it comes to the prevention of urinary incontinence. While it does not directly address your bladder or its surrounding muscles, it can still help there. This is because the collagen production seeps into your body and can go inward to other areas including your pelvic floor muscle

This area is what prevents you from leaking urine when you are not in the toilet. However, vaginal dryness from menopause can weaken the area. The lack of estrogen causes the muscle to wear out and even leak in some cases. All it takes is a bit of stimulation or some other issue to cause it to happen. The extra hydration from this treatment though can strengthen and improve the condition of your pelvic floor muscle. 

In particular, this helps with stress incontinence, the type of incontinence that happens when there is a physical strain on your vagina. When it is strengthened like this, it can handle more stress. This makes it less likely to leak out at the slightest stimulation.  

Facts About Bacteria and FemiLift Treatment

Another potential health benefit that comes from using this treatmnet is its ability to deal with issues of infection. When your vagina loses its lubrication and becomes dry, it does much more than just feeling irritable. This is lubrication keeps bad bacteria from collecting around your vagina. Without it, they can continue to do so and even form an infection. Many women can experience multiple infections around that area.

However, because the treatment can improve lubrication, it allows for better protection against the bacteria. In particular, it improves the lining around your vagina which makes it more difficult for bacteria to enter. 

It Also Tightens your Vagina

More than just improving the strength and appearance of your vagina, it also improves its appearance. This is because of the proteins that this treatment produces work in the elasticity as well. As you get older, you begin to lose this elasticity either as a result of age or from menopause and pregnancy. With this treatment, the lasers can spur lasting production. This makes the muscles are your vagina more flexible, letting them snap back into place instead of simply being stretched out.

The Treatment is Very Quick

Another thing people do not realize is just how fast the treatment is. When we think of cosmetic procedures we usually measure duration in hours. For many of the noninvasive ones, you will need at least one hour, maybe even more. Meanwhile, those that involve surgery can last even longer. However, with Femilift treatment, we measure it in minutes. If you have a schedule already, then you can get it done in a matter of half an hour. 

Doctors Insert the Laser Into Your Vagina

One thing you do need to know about the laser is how they use it. Some people seem to think that it is some laser that they mount and direct towards your body. Others meanwhile do not have a clear idea of what they do with it. However, that is simply not the case. Instead, how this works is the laser is in a probe that they push into your vagina. It may sound painful, but it is not that bad. What happens is that once it is inside, the probe will begin releasing the laser around your insides to improve the collagen production on the parts there.


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