Femilift Treatment

One of the fastest-growing cosmetic surgery procedures among the younger age group is the Femilift. Femilift is a new non-surgical procedure that is a non-invasive alternative to traditional vaginal rejuvenation procedures. This treatment is designed to improve the appearance of your ladyparts by tightening the vaginal tissues. This leaves it stronger and tighter than it was before. It can restore the skin and  Femilift treatment is a reliable, non-invasive, safe, and proven alternative to surgical rejuvenation.

What is a Femilift Treatment

In actuality, the Melbourne Femilift Treatment is nearly identical to laser resurfacing with how it works and its effects. This means trying to spur more collagen and elastin growth in your body through a natural reaction. To learn more about it, you can ask your doctor about the treatment. The best place to start is to discuss it with a consultation.

Initial Consultation for a Femilift Treatment

All of these treatments start with consultations with the doctor. This is for both you and the doctor. For your doctor, it is for them to meet up with you and review your medical records. This can let them check for any health issues in the past. Some of these might cause problems for you and can affect the surgery. If they do find something, then it can cause some issues and they can deem you ineligible. 

Along with that, they will not rely on this review alone and will run tests themselves. This is to confirm your condition or if there is something that might get in the way. Aside from that, this is also your chance to see if you have any medical issues that allow you to apply for medical insurance. 

However, this treatment isn’t just for them but also for you to learn. During this time, your doctor will also explain the treatment properly to you. They will show you how the procedure goes and get into the finer details. This means explaining how this treatment works as well as the costs, recovery, and risks. 

They will also take this time to learn about your ideas for this treatment and what you want out of it. More than just making conversation, this is for doctors to build the treatment around that and answer your needs. If everything goes according to plan and there is no issue, then you can proceed.

Doctors will ask you to make some adjustments to your behavior. They ask that you should refrain from smoking or drinking for a while. You should also make some adjustments to your medication as well and take some time off.

Treatment Itself

We mentioned earlier that this treatment is similar to laser resurfacing. For one, both of these treatments make use of lasers to accomplish their goal. This works by having the laser target your pussy and begin working there. However, instead of just burning it off, the treatment here is a bit more precise. It makes a series of micro-injuries all over the area that will spur the body into action. 

Like with laser resurfacing the purpose of this is to create more collagen and elastin to improve the tightness and strength of your skin. With these proteins, it can add more volume to your skin as well improving the strength in your skin. Both of this help improve tightening your skin. Together with this can restore the lubrication and elasticity of your walls, which improves vascularisation.

This whole Femilift Treatment Melbourne lasts somewhere a few minutes, usually less than half an hour. In that time it is rather painless so you can actually choose to go through with it without anesthesia. This means you will be fully conscious and aware. Once that is done, doctors will check and observe for any complications. This treatment works on an outpatient basis meaning they do not normally keep you there. After that, you can go home right away if no problem emerges.

Recovery from the Procedure

This treatment is one of the least painless treatments you can have despite where it takes place. Most women experience little more than a slight tingling sensation during this session but nothing else. Because of that, you do not usually require any anesthesia for it. If there is any pain, you should tell your doctor right away so they can make some adjustments to it.

After that when you go home, most of the side effects you will encounter are mild. This includes things such as some slight pain and swelling which should go away on its own in time. This can be slightly uncomfortable to deal with, but it should not stop you from continuing your daily life. If the issue is rather bad, you can request some painkillers from our doctor.

Serious side effects are rare, however, they can happen from time to time. This can include things such as a fever, infection, or bleeding. If any of these happen to you, contact your doctor right away.

Keep in mind that this treatment can require multiple sessions to ensure maximum effects. This means you can return to your doctor in a few weeks for a follow-up treatment. However, the space this out to give you some time to recover.

After all of those treatments are done, you may not see results right away because of the swelling. Instead, you have to keep an eye out for it to go down which can take several weeks.


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