Home Remedies of Vaginal Dryness

As you reach menopause, you will begin to encounter changes in your body. Some of these are bearable, but others can be quite painful and distracting. Oftentimes people turn to a clinic to receive Melbourne Vaginal Dryness Treatment. However, while this is common, this does not happen for everyone. Instead, some try and fix the issue themselves at home. Making use of ingredients they have there, they can create home remedies for vaginal dryness. Just how effective these treatments remain uncertain, but their use is undeniable.

Home Remedies People Use for Vaginal Dryness

Coconut Oil

One of the most popular treatment options in general for homemade use is oil. People find all kinds of use for all kinds of oil for whatever condition they have. It seems that vaginal dryness is no exception. With coconut oil, the reasoning they give is that this is full of healthy acids like fatty and linoleic acid. These two are great in improving the moisturization of skin which reduces the itchiness and dryness you feel. So some people take to applying this oil around their vagina to try and rejuvenate the dry and weakened tissue.  


One reason why you experience so much pain with your vagina at this state is because of the loss of good bacteria. This bacteria is what prevents bad bacteria, and by extension infections from spreading around your vagina. Among these good bacteria are lactobacilli which disappear with menopause. This is because the vaginal mucus menopause normally produces is now gone so there is no place for this bacteria to grow. 


However, some people try to recapture this bacteria. Thankfully it grows in one popular product, yogurt. Some people will try to make use of unsweetened yogurt and apply it all over their vaginas. This is so that it can help spur more bacteria growth from it. This will help maintain the moisturization of your vagina.

Get More Estrogen for Vaginal Dryness Home Remedies

Since a lack of estrogen is one of the main problems you experience in menopause, the logical solution is to find more. Thankfully there are more than a few ways you can achieve this. One of the most common is simply topical estrogen you can get in the pharmacy. You get these from cream or pulls that should give you a much-needed boost in estrogen. 

Aside from that, there are other ways in which people get estrogen. One is through their diet as some foods offer natural estrogen. An example of this is with plant-based foods such as carrots, barley, and cherries. These can help make up for the lack of estrogen production and lubricate your vagina.

Water-Based Lubricants 

Not all lubricants need to come from your body, you can actually make use of artificial ones to compensate. You can probably find some in stores nearby that you can make use of. In particular water-based lubricants can make for a great substitute. Many people make use of them for their sexual activities to make them less painful and more intimate. Partners prefer to apply them to your vagina before sex to relieve pain and help moisturize it. This is perfectly safe to do so long as you are careful with which products you use. Some containing petroleum jelly can be potentially dangerous.

Olive Oil

Another type of oil that some people put in their vaginas to treat dryness is olive oil. This is because olive oil is a lipid lubricant that is full of unsaturated fatty acids. Like many others, these acids can help hydrate and moisturize your vagina. However, they also have the bonus of repairing damages to the vagina tissues in your body. There are also far fewer side effects from this treatment so there is a much smaller chance of something bad happening.

Lifestyle Changes as a Vaginal Dryness Home Treatment

Asie from that certain changes in your everyday life can go a long way in improving vaginal dryness. These are things even your doctor can recommend during Vaginal Dryness Treatment Melbourne. Things such as stopping smoking or drinking are some examples because of their side effects. On the other hand, you have to keep drinking plenty of water to give more moisturizer. Sometimes it can also affect your sex life since you may need more or less sex.

When to Contact a Doctor

It is in your best interest to contact a doctor. They must know what is happening to your body including what you are applying to it. This can allow them to provide medical expertise. Some people are reluctant to contact them, but there are times when it becomes unavoidable. If you tried all of these treatments and find nothing working, that can be a sign you need some professional help. Aside from that, you should also be ready to contact them if you experience adverse side effects.


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