Is There Medicare Coverage for Vaginal Dryness

Medicare is one of the biggest insurance plans in Australia, encompassing millions of Australian citizens and residents. Because of that, it should be the first place you check when you are looking for insurance coverage for your treatment. And Melbourne Vaginal Dryness Treatment is not a cheap one. It can set you back thousands of dollars for a single treatment. Every penny you get counts and you should make sure you can get as much help as you can. With insurance, we can help cover at least some of the costs of this treatment. One of your best chances of insurance coverage for vaginal dryness is checking Medicare. In this article, we will list down some of the options you have.

Does Medicare Insurance Cover This Vaginal Dryness

Probably the very first question to answer. Unfortunately no, most insurance companies will not cover the costs of this treatment, including Medicare. Although it is one of the biggest insurance plans in the country, Medicare is quite selective in what they include in their coverage, among the things not included is vaginal dryness. This is because this is listed as a cosmetic treatment and not a medical one despite discomfort. Unless you find a medical diagnosis to show, they have no obligation to cover the expenses here. This applies to other insurance companies as well. However, some people have ways around them despite the restrictions.

The best way to work around this is by having a real medical illness. There are cases where medicare grants insurance coverage to treatments if there is a medical necessity behind it. Usually, this is a result of urinary leakage or incontinence. They actually list this as a recognized medical condition, so if a treatment treats it, there is reason to insure it. This means having to prove you have this condition by consulting your doctor. They can help test you and provide a doctor’s note. With this and meeting other requirements, you can then apply for medical insurance from Medicare. They will then cover all, or at least most of the treatment.

What Parts of Vaginal Dryness Can Medicare Cover

However, just because medicare will not provide insurance for your Vaginal Dryness Treatment Melbourne, does not mean you are out of hope. For homemade treatments, you can get some support as they often help pay for medications and creams. This means if you can get a prescription, you have a good chance of receiving medicare coverage. Keep in mind though that this does not apply to all products. What they will or will not cover all depends on what your plan and treatment are. 

Usually, though there is some sort of a limit in what you can do and what they will cover. For example, they do not count all medication in this treatment. Instead, they only count the ones they have already approved off. So things without FDA approval or other medicines may not count for the treatment. 

Along with medicine, other produces are also available for medicare coverage such as disposable undergarments or catchers.

Aside from that, there is also a limit to how much medicine you can get at a time. In your Medicare plans, you may have a limit fo how much you can spend or how much medicine you can get. You should make sure to look into this if you plan on going relying on this for help.

Other Options For Coverage? 

So with insurance largely out of the question, you should now ask yourself what are your treatment options for this issue? Are there other places that can provide financial support? Well yes, there are other places you can turn to try and get financial support. 

One example of this is with things such as a flexible spending account. This is where your employers take a portion out of your salary for emergencies such as medical expenses. Unlike with Medicare, you have more leeway to be flexible with what counts. Since this is between employer and employee, you can have an easier time discussing what you can do with this savings account. This can cover more than a thousand dollars of expenses so it should have enough money to cover most if not all of this procedure.

Aside from that, there is the Health Savings Account (HSA) which is a similar account specific for medicine. This lets you set aside some money for emergencies that will not be taxed from you. Instead, you can save that money for a rainy day emergency just like this. While these are much smaller than Medicare, but can still play their role in reducing costs. They are even better in some ways because they do not depend on some insurance company, but when you want to use it. That means there is a lot less red tape to worry about.


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