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There can be some changes in your feminine area as you grow old. You might notice some loose skin in your outer vaginal part. It is normal for older women. You can contact you trusted clinic in Melbourne learn about vaginal rejuvenation treatments and Labiaplasty cost Melbourne.

Vaginal Rejuvenation and Labiaplasty Cost Melbourne

Many factors affect the labiaplasty cost and vaginal rejuvenation treatments in Melbourne.

You can choose from a variety of vaginal rejuvenation treatments. Some of them include the Mona Lisa Touch, Petit Lady, and FemiLift.

All of the treatments have different costs. Also, the complexity of the treatment can contribute to varying treatment costs.

One factor is the type of vaginal tightening Melbourne treatment you will choose. Another factor is the complexity of your treatment.

The V Institute and the Labiaplasty Cost Melbourne

The V Institute offers you a range of non-surgical medical procedures for vaginal health issues. You can book a conversation with the team to learn about your options.

Non-invasive vaginal treatments are fast and reliable. However, the duration will depend on which medical treatment you choose.

The Mona Lisa Touch treatment cost as low as $1,297 per session. On the other hand,  the Petit Lady can cost $997 per session.

Additionally, the cost will depend on the treatment’s complexity.

You will not need to get a sick day because you can go home after the medical treatment. There are no strict restrictions to follow after the treatment. It means that you can continue to live your life after the Melbourne vaginal tightening treatment.

Book a consultation now with the V Institute team!

Menopause and Your Feminine Area

Menopause can bring changes to your body. It can cause many pain and discomfort.

It can also contribute to some changes in your feminine area.

Your lifestyle can be affected by a single side effect of menopause.

You may notice that some of your clothes do not fit you anymore. Menopause can cause you a sudden weight change. It means that you may need to take a few shopping trips for your weight change.

Additionally, you may feel that it is always hot. Hot flashes occur when half of your upper body increases in temperature. Hot flashes can happen anytime. You can experience it when you drink a cold beverage. It can also occur while you are asleep. It is uncomfortable for some women during sleep time.

Moreover, night sweat is a common phenomenon for menopause. Night sweats are excessive perspiration during sleep. It means that you might feel your nightwear damp in the morning.  

A combination of hot flashes and night sweats can result in sleeping problems. You might find it difficult to fall asleep after waking up in the middle of the night.

Improve night sweats and hot flashes by watching what you eat. You can skip spicy foods at dinner to prevent increasing your body temperature.

Also, mood swings are a common side effect of menstruation. It means that some of your family may get irritated with your sudden mood changes. You might be shouting at them now. Then, you might be crying in a few moments.

All these are some of the side effects of menopause. However, other medical conditions have these side effects also.

The best way to be healthier is to consult with a medical expert. Talk to your doctor now for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Problems With Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness can be uncomfortable for many women. Lack of lubrication can cause vaginal dryness. 

It may be due to low estrogen in your body.

Additionally, vaginal dryness comes during menopause. You may complain about painful urination due to vaginal dryness.

Moreover, you may feel pain in your feminine area due to dryness. 

Vaginal infection and inflammation can be a result of feminine dryness. 

The infection can reach the urinary system. It leads to frequent urinary tract infections.

Vaginal dryness is not life-threatening. However, it is treatable. 

Vaginal rejuvenation and vaginal tightening treatments can help relieve vaginal dryness.

Urine Leak Problems

Also, you might be suffering from urine leaks. Urine incontinence can be a common side effect of menopause. However, certain conditions can also cause urine incontinence.

Urine incontinence is an uncontrollable urine leak in your feminine part. You may notice a few drops of urine in your underwear.

Urine leaks can also be a side effect of childbirth. Recovery can take from a few weeks to a few months.

A weakened bladder can cause urine leaks.

An obstruction in your urinary tract can also cause urine leaks. These obstructions can be a non-cancerous tumors. Consulting a doctor can help you get a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Additionally, poor pelvic floor muscles can also cause urine leaks.

One natural way to relieve pelvic floor muscles and bladder muscles is exercises. You can hire an expert to teach you those exercises. However, you can try a search for some exercise guides online.

Problems With Loose Vaginal Layer

A loosened vaginal outer layer can also cause urine leakChild birth, aging, and menopause can cause loose vaginal outer layers.

Mothers feel unconfident about how their feminine area looks after a few childbirths. It lessens their self-confidence.

You may find it a dilemma to look for the best treatment for your vaginal health and aesthetics.

You can consult with a cosmetic clinic to learn about their vaginal rejuvenation treatment and labiaplasty cost.

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