Laser Treatment for Vaginal Rejuvenation

One of the most reliable treatments you can find about Melbourne Vagina Rejuvenation is the use of laser restoration. This treatment is becoming one of the most popular ones in this area because of its noninvasive process. This helps diminish the discomfort some women feel while still offering excellent results on your treatment. Of course, it is also rather technical which leads to more than a few misconceptions. Because of that, it can be difficult for some people to understand this process. That is why we want to use this article to explain the whole process of this laser treatment for vaginal rejuvenation.

How Laser Treatment Vaginal Rejuvenation Works

Laser resurfacing is not a treatment exclusive to vaginal rejuvenation. They got this idea from how doctors make use of this treatment on other parts of your body. While working in different areas though, the actual process is still the same as are the effects. The issue is that your skin begins to wear out regardless of what part of your body. 

This happens because normally our body maintains the tightness and strength of our skin by producing chemicals known as elastin and collagen. Our body is usually able to produce enough for our needs which is why we don’t have wrinkles early in our lives. However, as we get older, our body begins to slow down production which is why we begin to experience wrinkles. The purpose of laser resurfacing is to give an area a much-needed boost in production.

Some areas are more vulnerable to this than others such as your eyes, or in this case, your vagina. The real issue here is that your vagina needs some tightness to function properly. As it loosens, it can affect how well it works.

The Vaginal Rejuvenation Laser Treatment

Doctors start by identifying an area in need of resurfacing. Vagina Rejuvenation Melbourne then works by firing precision bursts in the area. The purpose of this is to cause some superficial damage that leaves no lasting effects but gets a response from your body. The laser burns off the topmost layer of skin, the one sagging and wrinkled. To try and repair this damage, your body will produce more collagen and elastin than it normally does. This causes the second layer that will emerge after to come back tighter and stronger. 

The treatment is non-invasive and requires no surgery or incisions. It takes only about half an hour to finish the process and doesn’t require anesthesia. Normally it takes around two sessions or more to finish the whole treatment, each one separated by a few weeks. Afterward, the results can become visible within a few months.

Figuring Out if You are Right for it

The Ideal Patient

Despite its safety, doctors prefer to be selective about those who undergo laser treatment, including those for vaginal rejuvenation. This patient is aimed solely at women as a treatment for their vaginas. While there is no age limit for it, it is better suited for older women who are starting to experience issues with their lady parts. This usually comes in the form of the lack of vaginal tightness but also with other side effects like atrophy, discomfort, and even urinal incontinence. This can be a result of childbirth, age, or other issues.

For these women, the issue is bad enough they want to get rid of it, and isn’t just a mild inconvenience. Some women are so badly affected by this that it takes a toll on their mental health and they do not feel themselves after. They should also understand what this treatment entails and its limitations.


If you are convinced that this is the treatment for you, then you can take it a step further and visit a doctor to talk about it. During this initial consultation, they will review your medical records and concerns to see if this treatment seems right for you. This is also to make sure that there are no medical issues that get in the way of treating you. Along with that, doctors also need to check on your lifestyle if something might be causing it. They will also run some tests of their own to see the extent of the issues for themselves at times. 

After all of this, your doctor will then start explaining the treatment to you and everything that will happen. This includes things like the risks, costs, recovery, and the whole procedure. The reason for this is so that you can understand everything this means and gives informed consent. They will also clear up some misconceptions you might have about the treatment to keep your expectations realistic. 

Depending on how good the doctor is, they can even make some modifications to the treatment to suit your needs. This sometimes adds to the cost overall but leads to more dramatic results. 


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