Leaking Urine Without Knowing It Home Remedies

You may notice some episodes of bedwetting and damp underwear in the week. It can mean that you have urinary incontinence. There are many indicators of urinary incontinence. There is some leaking urine without knowing it home remedies to help you cope with its discomfort. 

You May Have Leaking Urine Without Knowing It

Many instances can indicate you have urinary incontinence. 

Stress incontinence can occur when you experience urine leaks after doing intensive activities such as lifting weights. It means that you may experience urinary incontinence if you are a regular weightlifter in the gym. 

Additionally, urge incontinence can indicate you have urinary incontinence. Urge incontinence means that you suddenly feel a damp bedsheet when you wake up. Frequent bedwetting can mean you have urinary incontinence. Also, not reaching the bathroom in time and urine leaks can point out urinary incontinence. 

Moreover, mixed incontinence is a combination of stress and urge incontinence symptoms. For example, you may feel the need to urinate often after lifting a few weights in the gym. 

Furthermore, overflow incontinence occurs when you feel that you have not emptied your bladder even after a few bathroom trips. Also, it can happen when you have urine leaks despite going to the bathroom several times already. 

Also, functional and total incontinence indicate a physical or mental impairment. Functional incontinence can mean that you suffer from a body dysfunction that limits your ability to reach the bathroom. On the other hand, total incontinence can mean you have a congenital disorder that limits you from getting to the comfort room on time. 

Bladder issues can result in stress, urge, mixed, and overflow incontinence. There are some home remedies for bladder issues. 

Leaking Urine Without Knowing It Home Remedies

Bladder issues can be a burden to many women. It can affect your self-confidence. You can naturally treat urinary incontinence caused by an overactive bladder. There are some home remedies you can try to treat urinary incontinence. 

A simple change of diet can help you manage an overactive bladder. You can try limiting your fluid intake to start. Additionally, there are some foods that you can avoid to prevent urine leaks. 

For example, you can skip alcohol during an event. Besides, you will not be attending many events now due to the pandemic.

Additionally, you can skip caffeinated and sugary drinks. You can opt to choose water instead. 

Moreover, spicy foods and dairy can contribute to an overactive bladder. 

You can make a list of the food you take. Then, you can observe how your bladder reacts to those foods. It can help you with better bladder management. 

Despite limiting your fluid intake, you still need to take water. You should have at least 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. 

You should take the recommended amount of water for optimal health. You can suffer from an irritated bladder if you do not drink enough water throughout the day. 

You can avoid drinking too much before bed to prevent urinating in between sleep. You can try to stop drinking water 2 to 3 hours before your bedtime. 

Bladder Control Techniques You Can Try

You can start writing a schedule of your urine breaks. It means that you keep a notebook with a list of the times you go to the bathroom. 

Additionally, the notebook can also have a list of times you experience urine leaks. 

Moreover, you can list the times you feel the urgency to pee. 

After listing a few days of your urination schedule, you can use it to schedule bathroom breaks. 

You should follow the schedule you made. You need to go to the bathroom even if you do not have the urge to pee. It will help you control your bladder better. 

Also, you can try delaying urination for a few minutes up to 5 minutes. You can do this by taking deep breaths and concentration. It can help you have better bladder control. 

Furthermore, you can have kegel exercises to help you control your bladder. Kegel exercises help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. 

There are some clinical methods to help you improve your pelvic floor muscle strength. 

The V Institute Can Help With Your Urine Leaks

The V Institute can offer you the best treatment options for your overactive bladder. 

They offer a variety of urinary incontinence treatment you can choose. 

Many of their vaginal rejuvenation treatments can help treat your urine leaks. 

Some of their vaginal rejuvenation treatments include the Petit Lady and Mona Lisa Touch. 

Petit Lady treatment cost starts at $1,297 for every session. Also, the Mona Lisa Touch treatment cost starts at $997 for every session. There are more than three sessions for each type of treatment.

The V Institute can help you find the best Melbourne urinary incontinence treatment based on your needs and medical condition. 

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