Leaking Urine Without Knowing It

Also, Having urinary incontinence can be a burden to your everyday activities. It can affect your productivity at work. Also, leaking urine issues can influence your intimate relationship with your partner. You may have leaking urine without knowing it.

Leaking urine can be a symptom or side effect of many medical conditions.

How Do I Know I Have Urinary Incontinence?

Urinary incontinence can manifest in different ways.

It can be through stress urinary incontinence, urge incontinence, or mixed incontinence. Moreover, it can be through overflow incontinence, functional incontinence, or total incontinence.

Stress Incontinence And Urine Leaks

Stress incontinence can result in urine leaks. You experience stress incontinence after a good laugh.

Additionally, a sneeze or cough can cause urine leaks.

Moreover, the health of your bladder muscles and pelvic floor muscles can affect urinary incontinence.

Weak muscles that support the bladder can result in some urine leaks. It can happen even if you have an unfull bladder.

Your body cannot control urine to leak when your muscles in the bladder are weak.

Also, you can experience stress urinary incontinence when you do lifting exercises. Other exercises that put pressure on your body can cause urine leaks. Jogging, jumping, and bending can cause urine leaks as well.

Urge Incontinence And Urine Leaks

Urge incontinence is when you have the urge to pee again even after a recent trip to the comfort room.

Additionally, urge incontinence occurs when you fail to reach the bathroom before you urinate. It means that you may feel that it is difficult to control your urine. You may often notice wet underwear because of urge incontinence.

Moreover, you may have experienced waking up with a drenched bed sheet. Bedwetting is a sign that you have urinary incontinence.

Mixed Incontinence And Urine Leaks

Mixed incontinence is a combination of stress and urges incontinence.

Additionally, mixed incontinence can happen when you laugh so hard. Then, you suddenly feel the need to go to the bathroom.

Additionally, a sneeze or cough may also make you go to the comfort room.

Also, you may feel a few urine leaks after an exercise. Then, you may have the sudden urge to pee.

Overflow Incontinence And Urinary Leaks

There are many times in the day when you feel to urinate. You may often notice that you have not emptied your bladder in those numerous bathroom trips.

Moreover, you may experience frequent urination with fewer urine excretions. It means that very little of your urine is coming out in every bathroom trip.

Functional Incontinence and Urine Leaks

You may not know it, but some mental impairment can result in functional incontinence. Unorganized thinking and confusion among mentally impaired people can prevent them from reaching the bathroom on time.

Additionally, some mental illness medications can induce urinary incontinence.

Moreover, physical impairment can also cause urinary incontinence.

Total Incontinence and Urine Leaks

A congenital disorder can result in urine leaks. It means that an illness that you already have since birth may have caused your urinary incontinence.

Additionally, you can get urinary incontinence through a urinary system injury.

Moreover, total incontinence means that you pee all the time in large volumes.

An Over-reactive Bladder And Bodily Impairments

You can experience stress, urge, overflow, and mixed incontinence when you have bladder issues. On The other hand, impairment in the body can trigger functional and total incontinence.

If the problems are your bladder muscles, there is hope for you.

Treatments such as vaginal rejuvenation treatments can provide you with the solution to urinary incontinence.

You May Have Leaking Urine Without Knowing It And Talking With A Doctor

You can never cure or treat an illness without having it diagnose first.

Also, you can use this text as a guide to know if you have urinary incontinence. However, talk to a doctor to discuss your symptoms. Doctors can give you the best options for your urinary health issues.

The V Institute can offer you a variety of options for your treatment of urinary incontinence in Melbourne.

The V Institute Helping You About Leaking Urine Without Knowing It

The medical team of the V Institute can help you resolve many feminine health and aesthetics issues. Also, many of their medical treatments provide additional benefits aside from vaginal health.

Many vaginal rejuvenation treatments can resolve Melbourne urinary incontinence. It can help strengthen weak pelvic muscles to improve your bladder’s control of urine leaks.

Two of the famous vaginal rejuvenation treatments include the Petit Lady and Mona Lisa Touch treatment.

Petit Lady is gentler in intensity compared to the Mona Lisa Touch.

Additionally, the Petit Lady treatment requires 6 to 8 sessions for better results.

Moreover, the Mona Lisa Touch will take you 3 to 6 sessions for effective vaginal rejuvenation.

Both of these vaginal rejuvenation treatments are TGA-approved.

Petit Lady treatment cost starts at $1,297 for every session. Also, the Mona Lisa Touch cost starts at $997 for every session.

You can learn more about vaginal treatment and urinary incontinence treatment options after a consultation.

Book an appointment with the V Institute now!

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