Problems with Urethra After Childbirth

One of your achievements as a woman is becoming a mother. Your ability to influence a generation is what makes you powerful. However, there are some changes in your body when you give birth. You may encounter some childbirth issues. Some problems with urethra after childbirth may be temporary or permanent. 

Changes in Your Body After Childbirth

Some of the changes in your body can affect your lifestyle. 

Your body undergoes a physical and emotional change after childbirth. However, this is not the first time your body undergoes some changes. Your body had already changed since pregnancy. 

One of the changes in your body after childbirth is perineum soreness. The perineum is between your rectum and feminine area. 

A part of your perineum may experience a few tearing during delivery. However, you can recover from this tearing. Exercise can help. Kegel exercise can help your perineum recover. 

Additionally, you can apply a cold pack on your perineum to relieve your discomfort after delivery. 

Furthermore, you can ask your doctor for pain medicine if the pain is unbearable. 

Moreover, your breast becomes larger after childbirth. Your breast will hold the nutritional source of your toddler. It causes the breast to swell and increase in size. It is a painful experience for many mothers. The discomfort usually stops after a few breastfeeding sessions with your baby. 

Additionally, you may see some swelling in your hands, feet, and face during pregnancy. For most cases, this is not a serious medical concern. It is just the extra water from your body that you had during pregnancy. It eventually heals itself. 

Furthermore, you may notice some hemorrhoids on your private part. Hemorrhoids are painful and swollen veins in the anus. It heals after some time. 

Also, you might experience some urinary incontinence after giving birth. This can be caused by your weak pelvic floor muscles, bladder, and urethra. 

Problems with Urethra After Childbirth

The problems with urethra after childbirth like urine leaks can be common.

Additionally, after childbirth, your urethra weakens.

Moreover, the urethra can get bruised and swollen after giving birth. These bruises and swelling can go away in a few weeks or months. The recovery period is different for every woman.

A swollen urethra can make you feel a sharp pain when you pee. This is normal if you have just given birth.

Also, new mothers experience vaginal discharge. After giving birth, you may notice a few stains of liquid in your underwear. It can be a vaginal discharge. 

The liquid can be the blood and tissue inside your uterus. 

Vaginal discharge can take weeks to a few months before it completely stops. It means that you will need a few maternity pads to keep your underwear in the perfect color. 

Urinary Incontinence And Your Weakened Urethra

Your urethra is the passage way of urine. It is the area where your urine passes as you pee.

After giving birth, your urethra weakens for a few weeks. Your urethra will recover in a few weeks or months.

Urinary incontinence occurs when you have no control of your urine. Usually, you can spot small spots of urine in your underwear when you have urinary incontinence. 

For new mothers, urinary incontinence will go away. Usually, this occurs after your pelvic floor muscles recover. 

Some women may have urinary incontinence issues even if they have not given birth to a child. These women may have health and aesthetic problems with their feminine area.

Contact your doctor if you have issues with urinating. Also, you can call your trusted cosmetic clinic in Melbourne if you have feminine health and aesthetic concerns. 

 Some cosmetic clinics do not only offer relief to many urinary and feminine health issues. They can also solve many of your self-esteem and sexual problems.  

Urinary Tract Issues

An infection to any organ in your urinary system can cause urinary issues. 

Urinary tract infections can occur in your urethra as well. Your have a risk for UTIs after childbirth.

Women have a high risk for urinary tract infections. Your anatomy increases your risk for a urinary tract infection. 

Many factors can cause urinary tract infections. 

You get a urinary tract infection in the bladder when many gastrointestinal bacteria reach your bladder. However, other bacteria can cause UTI in your bladder. 

An infected vaginal wall can also spread to your urethra and the bladder. Having proper feminine hygiene can help you prevent this problem. 

Consult With A Trusted Clinic About Problems with Urethra After Childbirth

Do not do self-diagnosis. Also, do no consider self-treatment for what you believe is a urinary tract infection. It is always best that you talk with a medical expert. 

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Moreover, you will not need to take a few days off from work after the medical treatment. It means that you are free to do whatever you want after the procedures. There will only be a few rules you need to some. For example, some medical treatments may require you not to have intimate activities for a few hours. 

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