Pros and Cons of FemiLift

With enough research on any procedure, you will conclude that there is a lot that goes into it. There are so many things to consider, both good and bad that you may not realize at first. If you are uncertain of this procedure, then knowing these things can swing the procedure either way. In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of a FemiLift treatment. It’s a minimally invasive procedure offered here at the V Institute. It is a great option for many women—fittingly, it is offered exclusively to women. It is a newer form of plastic surgery that has recently been approved by the FDA.

Pros and Cons of the FemiLift Procedure

Pros of the Procedure

Minimally Invasive

With any procedure that happens around your womanhood, it can be very awkward to have someone feeling around. Surgery and incisions are already bad enough, but when they happen around your crotch, it can make anyone cringe. Because of that, most people prefer methods that involve as little touching or contact as possible. With that, FemiLift laser treatment is the winner. It requires little to no physical contact to use the lasers. While it does use a probe to use the laser, most people report that it is not uncomfortable barring a slight tingling.

No Lasting Effects

Although people often worry about the procedure itself, it is the shortest part. This treatment in particular that it lasts less than half an hour. However, aside from that, the longest part is the recovery after. Here you will have to be dealing with side effects and the recovery. Sometimes complications might occur that can require some extra treatment.

Once again, Melbourne Femilift treatment wins. In this case, you need only a day to recover if even that. Since it is noninvasive, there is no downtime to recover since most side effects tend to be mild. While you might encounter something like pain or swelling in most cases, it is nothing that a few painkillers won’t fix. 

Admittedly yes, on some rare occasions there can be some serious side effects. This can come in the form of an infection or bleeding. However, even the serious side effects aren’t quite as bad as something from surgery. As long as you inform your doctor, they should be able to treat it.

Improves Bodily Production

Although the lasers are the flashiest part of this treatment, it is not the main star. Instead, the real benefits come from what happens after when your body responds. This is when your body begins to produce natural chemicals such as collagen and elastin. These are the key to restoring the look and health of your body. With these chemicals, your skin will feel tighter and stronger.

More than just feeling good though, this tightness can help restore multiple skin issues that come with aging. It can improve lubrication in your vagina, reduce urinary incontinence, and help reduce infection.


You might think that since it requires multiple treatments, it would cost you quite a bit. However, thinking about the procedure can be pretty cost-effective. This is because while it does cost several thousand, the results last two years. Meanwhile, surgery can cost several times that much at once, though it can last longer. So between them, the costs are not that different.

On the other hand, you have medication that can seem cheap on paper. However, products like that need even more frequent refills which add up. It is estimated that women in Australia who suffer from vaginal dryness tend to spend $950 on products annually. This does not seem that different from the $1000 treatment cost of a FemiLift. Plus at least the latter has the advantage of needing several treatments at most instead of constant applications.

Cons of the Procedure

Multiple Treatments Required

On the other hand, while we have plenty of pros, there are also quite a few cons to Femilift treatment Melbourne. One is that, unlike surgery, this tends to require multiple treatments to solve your problem. While some people are satisfied with a single treatment, others can require more. Usually, people get two or three before they get the results they want. 

What makes it more annoying is that you cannot get it all at once. Instead, doctors prefer to space it out over several weeks per session. This is to give your skin a chance to heal and for them to monitor for any side effects. For you though, it can be quite the hassle to have to deal with. All in all, it can take more than a month to finish this procedure.

Results Do Not Last

You would think that after all that effort you can at least enjoy your results without issue. Unfortunately, like most noninvasive treatments, it does not last. While FemiLift Treatment lasts longer than most, about two years, it will start to wear out. Though this can be longer and shorter depending on how serious the issue is and your lifestyle. The issue is that these procedures can’t get fully into your body the same way surgery can so what they can do is limited. While the boost is an effective stopgap, it has its shortcomings. The boost you get in collagen production will slow down as age catches up with it. 

Despite that, you can extend the effects with maintenance treatments. This is done by repeating the treatment process once it starts to wear down. While you can give it another jump start with a fresh round of laser sessions. For some, getting multiple laser sessions every few years can be quite a hassle. 


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