Vulvar dryness

The vulva is the external part of the female reproductive system. Vulvar dryness is common for women who are at the prime of their years and nearing menopause. However, this medical condition is also common for women who have not engaged in intimate relationships for a long period. Vulvar dryness can be uncomfortable for younger women who are having intimate relationships with their partners. This condition can significantly affect the life of any woman.

How to Know When You Have Vulvar Dryness?

Only after a consultation that these women find out about vulvar dryness.

Typically, women do not automatically visit the clinic if they think they have vulvar dryness. Most of the time, women meet with a medical expert when sexual relations with their partner become painful. Also, some women discover having vulvar dryness by noticing inflammation while putting on their underwear.

Only when it becomes worst that many women seek out treatment.

When you have vulvar dryness, you do not immediately know that it is what you are experiencing. Other menopausal women who have frequent urinary tract infections (UTI) experience vulvar dryness.

What Causes Vulvar Dryness?

One of the main causes of vulvar dryness is a woman’s transition to her menopausal period. Menopausal women tend to report pelvic discomforts due to vulvar dryness.

Another cause of vulvar dryness can be pointed out to the hormonal changes in the body which can be common to many menopausal women. However, menopausal women are not the only ones who are subject to hormonal imbalances. Young women are also susceptible to experiencing hormonal imbalances.

One of the main hormonal culprits for this medical condition is the hormone estrogen.
Another cause of vulva dryness is the side effects of some medications. Medicines for colds and allergies can affect lubrication in the vagina.

What is Estrogen?

Estrogen is a vital hormone in the body. Its main role in the female body is to support reproductive health. This responsibility also includes the vagina’s thickness and lubrication. Furthermore, this hormone promotes elasticity in the vagina.

Moreover, it is also the hormone that supports the main physical characteristics of women that differentiates them from the opposite gender.

Aside from its support to the main female organs, it also suppports the bones and the cardiovascular system.

Although men also produce this type of hormone, women are capable of producing more volumes of estrogen.

This hormone lessens as someone enters the menopausal period. This is the time when the risk of a woman experiencing vulva dryness increases.

What Happens When There are Low Estrogen Levels in the Body?

When there are low estrogen levels in the body, the walls of the vagina get less lubrication. Also, its walls get thinner. Moreover, the drying and thinning of the vaginal walls result in drying and inflammation.

What Causes Estrogen Levels to Drop?

Estrogen levels do not only drop during the menopausal period. A woman’s body can experience a drop in estrogen levels when she gives birth and is breastfeeding. People who are also undergoing cancer treatment can have low levels of estrogen. Moreover, there are some medications that lower estrogen levels in the body.

How To Cure Vulvar Dryness

You cannot reverse menopause. However, you can treat vulvar dryness.

For the busy career woman, something mild or does not hurt that much gets overlooked. As they focus on their climb to the career ladder, they forget to take care of themselves. That is why many women visit a clinic for vulvar dryness treatment when it becomes painful or unbearable. Preventing more dryness, inflammation, and worsening of the condition can be achieved by early treatment with a trusted medical professional.

By consulting with the medical experts of the V Institute, you will be handled by the best doctors for vaginal dryness treatment Melbourne.

Traditionally, laser treatments for vaginal rejuvenation are used for vaginal tightening. However, this treatment is also effective for vaginal dryness.

The clinic employs CO2 or Er-YAG therapy in treating vaginal dryness. This method allows for a safe and symptom-free long-term treatment.

Why Should I Get Vaginal Dryness Treatment From The V Institute

The laser treatment by the V Institute for vaginal dryness does not only relieve the pain and discomfort of the condition. The treatment is also helpful for relieving discomforts from medical conditions involving the bladder and vaginal skin.

With the help of the V Institute, women who got their Melbourne Vaginal Dryness Treatment to get to have multiple health benefits aside from relieving vulvar dryness. With the dryness gone, women become more active and happy without the discomforts. Also, they get to enjoy their sexual experiences with their significant other without the pain and discomfort.

You do not need to be at the age of menopause or have a partner to need a vaginal dryness treatment. If you are experiencing pain and discomfort in your private areas, you need to consult with a health professional. With a highly-skilled team of medical professionals who are experts at promoting women’s health and wellbeing, the V Institute is the best place to be.

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