What are the Effects of Vaginal Loosening

The term vaginal loosening is something a lot of places throw around a lot. More than a few times people say it loosely without understanding what it means. This is normally for someone to sell their treatment. This can end up raising more questions than answers. Usually, the most common ones along with the Melbourne vaginal rejuvenation treatments are what is vaginal loosening. People wonder what are the effects of this treatment and how it can change their lifestyle. That is why in this article we want to explain some of the effects vaginal loosening causes.

What Causes the Vaginal Loosening Effects

Vaginal loosening comes as a result of aging when your body no longer produces as many chemicals. Certain ones like estrogen, collagen, and elastin are responsible for maintaining the strength of your vagina, including its flexibility and tightness. As you get older though and production slows down, this becomes less effective. With fewer chemicals there, your skin will start to succumb to signs of aging like the looseness and sagging. This is why you will encounter something like vaginal looseness.

The Effects of Vaginal Loosening on You

Urinary Incontinence

One of the biggest effects people point to when discussing this issue is problems with urinary incontinence. To put it simply, urinary incontinence means the inability to properly hold back your urine. This comes as a result of the weakening of the flap around your bladder that holds back urine. While this does not mean you urinate yourself, it can mean you have a harder time controlling your bladder and holding it back. It also makes small leaks more common. This can happen during simple activities like physical exercise, laughing, sneezing, or moving around.

Normally you can count on your pelvic floor muscle to keep urine in place. This is the area near the bladder that prevents your urine from just spilling out freely. However, with vaginal loosening, it also means the muscles in this flap become weaker and less effective. As a result, some of the urine can leak out little by little or in large amounts.

This treatment can help fix it to a certain extent. Vaginal rejuvenation Melbourne leads to more collagen growth around the skin in that area. This gives it more strength and flexibility. To a certain extent, this gives you more control of your bladder so you can have an easier time holding back your urine.

Discomfort and Pain

In particular, this happens as a result of vaginal loosening from menopause and aging. This is because this type of loosening is a result of a chemical imbalance in your body. Your vagina’s tightness and overall health are due in part to regular access to certain chemicals. Some of the most common ones include estrogen and collagen. 

Collagen is what controls our body’s skin health. This is why our skin is elastic and strong when we are younger. The other is estrogen, hormone females have that controls the health of their vagina. It allows it to remain hydrated, keeps the uterus walls thick, among many other things. However, as we get older, our body begins to slow down in the production of these two chemicals. That is why things like wrinkles and sagging skin become signs of aging as our bodies can no longer keep up with demands. For estrogen, this normally happens around menopause.

When this happens, your vagina in particular suffers heavily as a result. From here the tissue and skin around your vagina begin to sag and become dryer. It also loosens the muscles around your vagina. Meanwhile, the walls are no longer as strong.

Both of these together can cause you plenty of discomfort and pain. With the muscles feeling looser, it can be rather an awkward feeling. Overall it just becomes more sensitive even to relatively simple stimulations. This makes doing things like sitting down not as easy or doing other things. Some people say they feel uncomfortable doing certain things as their vagina feels like it is itchy.

Unsatisfying Sex

Some women report that the issues get so bad that it even affects their sex life and makes the activity less enjoyable. This is because with the pain and discomfort they experience from it, the treatment does not feel as pleasurable. It can end up distracting them from that pleasure.

Additionally, with menopause and toe slowdown in estrogen production, many also affect sex. This is because estrogen is what produces natural lubrication for your vagina during the act. Without that lubricant, your vagina will be dryer which makes it less enjoyable and more irritating.

One thing to mention quickly is that having sex is not a cause of vaginal loosening in the first place. If that is your concern then rest easy knowing that is not the case and you should not feel guilty about it.


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