What is Vaginal Dryness Treatment

In the later years of your life, you will begin to experience changes known as menopause in your body. People have a good idea of these changes, at least some of them. They know that this means no longer having a menstrual cycle, but there is much more. With so many other chemical changes in your body as a result of this, the other effects are harder to spot. One such effect is the feeling of a dryer vagina. This can sound a bit strange, but there is a reason for this which we will get into. With this article, we will explain just what vaginal dryness is what treatment you can get.

What Causes a Vaginal Dryness

There is a lot of talk about a dry vagina, unfortunately, also a lot of misinformation. There is a good chance that some of what you know is probably exaggerated or outright lies. So let us start by explaining what causes this to happen. To put it simply, Menopause and the chemical changes that go with it are to blame in most cases. This is because with menopause comes the loss of chemical production of certain hormones, in particular, Estrogen.

Estrogen is one of the key components in our body that maintains vaginal health. Probably its biggest benefit, in this case, is the maintenance of vaginal wetness. This applies in more ways than you think. In a purely medical understanding, this allows you to absorb and retain water, keep your vagina hydrated. They use this in creating the vaginal mucus that keeps your vagina moist and clean. Without it, your lady parts will feel a lot dryer. However, aside from that it also maintains lubrication which can be attributed to sexual desire. With the loss of estrogen, both these areas are affected. 

However, those are not the only chemicals that can affect your final health. Among the other chemicals to look out for you have Collagen and Elastin. These two proteins help maintain water retention on top of maintaining skin elasticity and strength. Unlike Estrogen, these are found all over your body, however, they also begin to run out with age.

Treatments for Vaginal Dryness

Generally speaking, most of the treatments you encounter are at-home treatments. This is because doctors usually make use of medication or topical creams to help improve the condition. There is nothing wrong with this and in fact, doctors encourage their patients to take this. However, the issue is that this is only part of the story. These medications target estrogen more than anything else without considering the collagen and elastin needs. Because of that, some treatments are available for you to use alongside the medication. 

One of the most popular forms of Melbourne Vaginal Dryness Treatment. This makes use of lasers to help treat your issue. The process works by having a laser target the areas of your vagina that doctors will treat. The heat from these lasers will burn off the topmost layer of the skin without causing any permanent damage. This is so your body will respond to the stimulus by producing more collagen. The reason for this is because it wants to repair the damage so will produce more collagen than usual. This means the net layer of skin that emerges will be stronger and tighter.

To ensure maximum results, doctors can perform this treatment several times. This will give continuous growth for quite some time. Aside from just making it stronger, this new collagen also improves hydration by allowing for better water retention. 

Along with that though, doctors also offer to add on topical estrogen to help improve the numbers of that as well. These two treatments together can ensure your vagina will see better moisturization.

Are Eligible For This Treatment

To start with Vaginal Dryness Treatment Melbourne, you will need to go through an initial consultation with your doctor. This is for them to interview and review your files to see if you can go through with this procedure. Here the doctor will review your medical records and review your files. They will check for some previous issues that might hinder your ability for this treatment. Along with that, they will ask about your lifestyle if something else can affect it. 

Aside from just reviewing records though, the doctor will also have an interview with you to discuss the issue. Here they will see what you want to get rid of and what is bothering you. This allows them to also personalize the treatment by targetting issues specific to you that you want to get rid of. Lastly, they will explain the treatment to you and go over all the details and possibilities that you need to consider. This includes things like the costs, recovery, and risks. If you accept, then they can proceed with the treatment. 


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