What to Expect After Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are becoming a common treatment for men and women who wants to lessen the appearance of the different side effects of aging. If you have undergone the procedure, did you ever wonder about what to expect after dermal fillers?

Generally, the effects of a dermal filler treatment will be explained to you by the cosmetic clinic before its commencement. You should expect that the medical experts of the clinic will explain the step-by-step procedure of the treatment. 

For the V-Institute, the consultation phase includes the accomplishment of a medical information form. You will accomplish the patient information form. The patient information form will help the medical professionals of The V Insititute to evaluate your health. Moreover, the form will help the medical practitioners at the V Institute to determine which type of dermal filler to use for your treatment. Furthermore, the doctors of the V Institute will make a personalized dermal filler injection treatment plan based on your filled-out form. Make sure that the information you will provide is complete. It will help the doctor decide which dermal filler injection treatment is best for you. 

What to Expect After Dermal Fillers

Your face will look a few years younger after the dermal filler treatment.

There will be less visible wrinkles.

Some of the expected temporary effects of dermal fillers are swelling and discoloration in the affected area. However, this will not take too long. Usually, it will only take a few hours or a day to resolve. 

You can expect that you can go back to your daily routine after a few hours from the procedure. However, you may need to limit intensive activities.

Also, you may need to prevent sun exposure for a few days.

Additionally, you may be asked to take a few days off from work.

What to Expect After Dermal Fillers Treatment From The V Institute

Do not worry. The experts at the V Institute will ensure that the procedure is safe for their patients. 

You are well-informed before the commencement of the non-invasive cosmetic treatment. The clinic first explains everything about the steps of the Melbourne dermal filler treatment and its effects. 

Other Use of Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler

G-spot enhancement helps improve the sexual enjoyment of women by increasing the size of the area. The vaginal wall gets injected with the hyaluronic acid dermal filler Melbourne. The treatment can help improve your sexual experiences with your partner. Moreover, you can contact the V Institute to learn more about this treatment. You may not know it. But you may also need this treatment.

The V Institute also uses this dermal filler for G-spot enhancement.

Administering The Dermal Filler Injection Treatment 

In general, the dermal filler injection treatment starts after the acceptance of the patient with the treatment. It comes after a thorough conversation between the cosmetic doctor and the patient. It means that after you fill out the form during a consultation and talked with the doctors, you have agreed to pursue the non-invasive operation. 

The medical team will first apply a numbing agent to your skin. The target area will have the numbing cream. After checking, the cosmetic doctor will then use the dermal filler injection. The injection will be in small doses for your target area. 

The doctor injects the needed dermal filler. Furthermore, the doctor will massage the area. Your doctor will be gently massaging it to help evenly spread the dermal fillers injected. Also, the doctor does this to ensure that you reach your desired outcome. This treatment is normal done on the face, neck, lips, and chin. 

How Long Will The Dermal Filler Injection Treatment Take?

The duration of the dermal filler injection treatment depends on the type of dermal filler used. For poly-L-lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, Calcium Hydroxylapatite, and Polymethyl Methacrylate, it usually takes less than half an hour to finish the treatment. 

The V Insitute also administers autologous fat fillers. Operation time for dermal filler injection treatments using autologous fat is longer. The time needed to collect the autologous fat from the patient’s body makes its duration longer. 

Types of Dermal Filler Injections

The V Institute can offer you multiple types of dermal fillers for wrinkle, saggy skin, and fine-line treatment. All of the products used by the clinic for Melbourne dermal filler treatment are safe. It means that all of the products used by the clinic for cosmetic treatment are safe and effective for you. 

One of the products it uses for dermal filler injections is hyaluronic acid. This compound naturally occurs in your body. High concentrations of hyaluronic acid are in the skin, joints, and eyes. It is a compound in the body that holds moisture. It means that hyaluronic acid keeps you moisturized. 

Another dermal filler used by the V Institute is the Poly-L-lactic Acid. This compound is generally safe. Incision and wound closure stitch primarily use the Poly-L-lactic Acid. The V Institute ensures that the Poly-L-lactic Acid product used by the clinic is safe and FDA-approved. 

Polymethyl Methacrylate is another dermal filler option at the V Institute. This safe dermal filler can produce more permanent results among the other dermal fillers of the V Institute. However, there is a risk for the appearance of a lump in the injection area.

Another dermal filler used by the V Institute is autologous fat. It is the most natural dermal filler because the autologous fat will come from your body. The medical professionals of the clinic will collect the autologous fat. Then, they will inject it in the area where wrinkles, saggy skin, and fine lines occur. Out of all the dermal fillers used by the V Institute, this is the longest to administer. 

It only takes more or less half an hour to administer for all the dermal filler injection treatments. The only exception is the dermal filler injection treatment using autologous fat. Extra time will be needed for fat collection in your body and its injection into the target area. 


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