I got Vaginal Rejuvenation done for me, myself and I. And I absolutely love it.

I was scared at the first instance about getting the treatment done because my friend had the Mona Lisa treatment and according to her it was really painful. But after I was allowed to contact patients who had the treatment done with the Petit Lady at The V Institute in Melbourne, I couldn’t hold back my enthusiasm for getting it done.

So I am 38 but my private parts feel allot older. I have had 4 kids and have frequent urine leakage whenever I cough, sneeze or laugh too loud. So what do I do, I thought. I read about the plastic surgeons doing vaginal rejuvenation but they made cuts with their scalpels. No way!!! That’s pure mutilation I thought and I would never let a male with a knife near my private parts.

So I googled, I did my research and came across The V Institute. Their client manager to the reception girl and the doctors, everyone was lovely and made me feel at home. All I had to do was have a few laughs, feel relaxed (which is what happens when you meet Dr. Pallavi Sharma) and I was on my way to a new me.

No but really, it was that simple. I left the treatment room within 30 minutes and sat outside chatting away with Dr. Pallavi Sharma for the next 20 minutes about how nice the hot chocolate was at San Churros! I came back for the next 3 treatments and had no issues at all with the treatment.

So where am I now you may be asking? Well I am three weeks down the track from my last treatment and it feels great. I have not had one episode of leakage and my partner couldn’t be happier either. See what also happens with this treatment is that it revives the sensations in the vagina. The Vaginal Rejuvenation for urinary incontinence is not just helping medically but it has the added benefit of giving me back what I use to have when I was 21. Ok maybe not totally true but almost there! Its to the extent that I can certainly feel more alive downstairs and tighter.

I always had problems in yoga class, work and running around the work place. It made me nervous in public situations not to laugh too loud otherwise I would have a little accident and more embarrassingly a wet patch. But now, I throw more caution to the wind having had Vaginal Rejuvenation. Such a big improvement I didn’t expect and without the need for surgery!

Well, now I’m off to tell all my girlfriends about it and why not. You don’t have to be shy about a medical procedure that is hardly inconveniencing. In this day and age, Vaginal Rejuvenation is going to make our lives a little easier as women.

Sally had the treatment last month and was not paid for this article piece. She wanted to share her opinion in an honest and open manner without any bias!!

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