What Causes Vaginal Loosening

Now if you have your heart set on Melbourne Vaginal Rejuvenation you should probably want to figure how this happened. Aside from giving peace of mind, this is important information that you should know. When you go for treatment, it is your responsibility to do the research for it. You should never just accept everything blindly and instead figure out what can be the cause of it. In this case, many things can cause vaginal loosening. In this article, we will note the possibilities that make up some of the causes vaginal loosening so when your doctor asks you can answer.

What Aren’t Causes of Vaginal Loosening

Now we should probably start with explaining what aren’t causes of vagina loosening. There is this common misconception that vagina loosening can be a result of sex. More specifically that it results from having too much sex. While it is true that the stretch of your vagina is affected over time, it is never to the point where sex can stretch it out. This simply never happens. 

Why do people believe this is more cultural than medical. In the past, there is a belief that a woman with a loose vagina was promiscuous and this was a way to shame them. However, there is no scientific evidence to back this claim up. Unfortunately, many people still believe this today so we should start by clearing that up.

If there is any stretching or loosening of your vagina during sex, it is almost certainly temporary. However, most sources agree that this rarely causes any long-term effects. 

What Are Causes of Vaginal Loosening


Probably the biggest causes of vaginal loosening is simple age and time. This is because like the rest of your body, your vagina undergoes several chemical changes over time. For the most part, skin tightness and flexibility are maintained by the regular production of collagen and elastin. However, as time goes on your body begins to slow down in its ability to produce more of these proteins. As a result, your skin suffers and begins to sag. Your vagina is one of those places and suffers particularly badly. Things like pregnancy don’t need to happen here though they can make it worse.

Additionally, another chemical that plays a big part here is estrogen. This chemical is one of the main ones responsible for maintaining the health of your vagina. It is what gives your vagina strength. However, as you near menopause, estrogen levels begin to drop. For many women, this sudden change of chemicals can cause serious effects on their bodies. It often struggles to get used to these sudden changes in chemical makeup.

This is why around this time your vagina will feel thinner. Aside from just feeling thinner, the lack of estrogen also can cause it to feel dryer. This is because one thing it does is keep your vagina hydrated. So losing that means that it is much more difficult for it to retain water which leaves the skin feeling dryer. 

All of these are reasons why older women tend to be the target market for Vaginal Rejuvenation Melbourne.


While not the most common issue, it is unbootable one of the most visible ones. Given the size of many infants, it should come as no surprise that it can cause changes to the muscles of your womanhood. To let your baby pass, it will require your vaginal muscles to stretch considerably to accommodate your baby. 

After they are born, this looseness can be very noticeable, which is understandable and expected. However, your vagina does not lose all its flexibility and can slowly snap back and tighten in a few days. Despite that, there is no guarantee it can snap back to its original shape. This is especially if you are dealing with multiple births as the repetition can cause the shape of your lady parts to be permanently altered. After that, your muscles can lose some elasticity and become permanently looser.


Probably one of the most uncommon causes, but still one that is important to note. Your vagina can suffer from serious injury just like any part of your body. Serious trauma to that area can severely damage the muscles there and affect their functions, including in elasticity. Pregnancy can be one form of trauma, but others can be the result of injuries or accidents. Due to their nature, these do not happen too often, but you should still be wary of them.

For diseases, they can seriously affect the function of your muscles as well. If not, then can require permanent changes to fix some issues. The most common of these are cancer around your vagina which can require invasive surgery to treat. Bacterial infections are also another cause that can require serious treatment to fix.


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